How much traffic can your WordPress shared host handle?



Shared WordPress hosting is no doubt the most common option for people who newly starts their business with very little visitor traffic. It is cheap as compared to other hosting options and also provides you decent performance while your site grows. However, you need to update your hosting package once you reach good traffic of visitors.
For this you may want to look for other hosting plans by considering the traffic of your site. Of course this decision is important to take at this point in order to not get your site down for any reason in future.

Here we will have a look on how much traffic a shared host can handle and when you should opt shared WordPress hosting and also we will discuss when you need to upgrade your hosting package.

As we know that shared WordPress hosting splits server resources into different customers and multiple customers run their sites on a single server.
The main benefit of shared WordPress hosting is that you can save a lot of money. Providers could also offer you low prices because you are not using the separate dedicated server. You are just renting out the little space for your site. You are running your site on a shared server does not mean that it has no limit. There is a particular limit of any server you are using. If host providers allows so many users to use the same server and if an actual limit exceeds then of course your site performance will suffer.
Using shared WordPress hosting experience totally depends on a host company or provider you are choosing for your site. The best one will limit the number of users on each server to give you best out of best performance.
If one website was designed for low traffic of visitors initially and now has started to receive the significant amount of traffic so that can impact performance of your site if you use the same server. Because this is how your website will start taking more loading time and visitors will be unhappy. So if you ever find similar situation, we highly recommend to upgrade your hosting package from shared WordPress hosting to VPS or dedicated server.


Shared WordPress hosting performance

Probably shared WordPress hosting is preferred when there are just few thousands of searches for a month. However, shared WordPress hosting could get stuck sometimes but it will really help you in regards to budget.
Moreover, the performance of your site will highly depend on the choice of host you are going for and it will significantly impact the performance of your site. However sometimes, spending more will be better in some cases and will significantly save you in future from the problems like site crashes if you think your site will rise soon near future.