How to become a blogger


How to become A Blogger

What is blogging? Blogging is the most popular way to spread information and communicating these days on internet. It is quite similar to website though there are differences in between. You find the people of your choice. You become the part of millions of people easily by become a blogger. And it is about a few minutes process to be a blogger. Finally, and importantly, there is a chance as well to earn a huge amount of money blogging.


Following are few important steps, one should follow them to become a blogger,

Blogging platform

Choose the best blogging platform is a first decision about to become a blogger. There are multiple options available for choosing a blogging platform. Word press is one of the best options available as a blogging platform. It’s completely free. Millions of bloggers are using it. It is fully recommended especially for those who are beginners with no cost at all, they can take a start as a blogger. Thousands perhaps millions of themes are available too on word press to choose from. There are other options of platforms available like Blogger, Tumblr though again the word press is endorsed because of the edge of many extra benefits over others.

Free Blog Hosting or Paid One

The second and foremost step you need to take to be a blogger is selecting the Blog hosting. Again you have got two options available. The first one is free. And the word press is the best in my opinion. Though, it has got many limitations too. You will not have your own domain. In your URL word press will also be written. Your blog will not be your property after all. Word press will have the right to cancel it any time.


Third and also very important step is being derived from second step which is when you select a paid hosting. Your domain name will be your own. Your URL is basically your domain name that is chosen as you wish. Like, these are domain names. Your hosting firm is the one that puts you up on internet and you save everything on it. Like a memory card which helps you in saving your data. There are hundreds of choices available for web hosting, I recommend you the navicosoft, amongst the old companies in the market, with over a decade proven track of providing quality hosting services all over the world.


To design up a Blog is also the part of creating a blog. Design it up according to your personality and according to your target audience, it will demonstrate and will represent yourself.


It is concluded that the business through blogging has been successfully running in the modern era. To be a successful blogger you have to have your own recognition by creating an easy URL or domain name that is only possible through paid hosting. Navicosoft is the great option for paid hosting.