How to earn money from blogging


Blogging is considered one of the best options to earn a big amount of money on the internet for those who have the skills of demonstration that could be content writing, sharing links as an affiliate, advertisement of brands, tutorial services, etc.

Followings are the main methods of earning money blogging:- 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular tools to earn money blogging. You have your traffic on your blog. When you share a unique link that was issued to you from the company you are selling the product of, when anyone opens a link and makes a purchase through that unique link you shared on your blog, you start earning money blogging. You get the commission on each sale. This is the way, this process keeps running.

Effective Content

Strong content or writing the different articles on different topics make your blog precious. You get to start more readers onto your blog because of the sound content you write. This is the way, you get the chance of selling any product you want to. Make sure, you always go for those topics you are interested in and also write those topics you have experience of. Especially in your early days of blogging.

Now you have a lot of readers in your blog. You can start selling your products or someone else’s, digital products like e-books, courses, etc. or physical products like any whatever suits you and to your circumstances.


Advertisement is another way to monetize your blog. When companies look at the traffic on your blog, they approach you and try to make a deal with you against the advertisement of their product on your blog.

In some cases, they pay you on each click for opening their site through your blog. Or in some conditions, they pay you a fixed amount of money.


Sponsored Partnerships

Sponsored partnerships are another excellent way of earning money blogging. The majority of bloggers are not earning a lot through Sponsored Partnerships but some of the bloggers earning thousands a month. Two parts make this process running. First of all, it depends on how much traffic you have on your blog to be sponsored by. And secondly, how much influence you have on your traffic or how good influential you are content-wise or industry-wise or a certain topic wise that could be a current affair topic.

For that certain thing, you are sponsored. For instance, you write content on FMCG and M&S the UK leading brand sponsors you or you write an article on supermarkets and Wait rose another UK posh supermarket sponsors you. How to approach Brands for sponsorships? You approach brands through emails, this is a little hard and especially to take them on board at the rate you want. Though again you need money at the end of the day in either way but trust me once your blog is popularized with heavy traffic on it you start to get brands to contact you.


Offers, Seminars, Conferences

Once you have a good name in the blogging market and people start trusting you. Several ways begin to come in front of earning money blogging. For instance, if your blog is recognized for the real estate industry and you have fame for it you might get approached by publishers for writing a book on the real estate world. Similarly, you start to attend conferences or seminars arranged by investors of the city and you get paid to attend them these are different ways through them you are offered good earning opportunities.



It is concluded that Blogging is an excellent way of earning money. Even in 2019, it still has got a lot of potentials. It requires time, efficiency and the solid area you write the content on. For the in-depth knowledge of IT industry please visit

NOTE: Blogging is becoming a successful field now a  days. You can learn steps to become a blogger professionally.