How to make high conversion rate landing pages?


How to make high conversion rate landing pages?

Marketing efforts need to bring fruitful results in the form of leads and conversions. Are your PPC Marketing toils favoring you? If yes, that’s good. Well, if it isn’t, it might be because you don’t have high conversion rate landing pages.
We mean that the leads and the traffic aren’t getting converted even if they visit you.


No worries, here we have brought a solution to this issue. Let’s start with the tips to make high-shot lead capture pages.


Is your website good enough?

First, you need to check out if your website is working fine and is relevant to the audience’s expectations. It should have SEO-friendly content that can rank your website higher. Besides, it should be a device-friendly website to be approachable for all users. Having a fast loading time is also necessary for productive PPC Marketing.

If the website lacks any of the above, visitors don’t wait and move one to the next. Owing to the fact, they have plenty of choices (websites) to engage and purchase with.


Can the prospects reach out to you easily?

Secondly, check if you are contactable smoothly incase visitors have to ask a query before purchasing. If you are not, instantly upgrade it by employing your address, contact number, email, live chat, support ticket, etc.
It would be best if the visitors can readily view it or paste it on the landing pages in an optimal position. It eventually levels up your website’s destination pages to be the high conversion rate landing pages.


Are the Call-to-Action (CTA) Icons crystal clear?

Give a boost to PPC Marketing by incorporating user-friendly call-to-action buttons. On a brief note, they should encourage the visitors to purchase with you.
Try to create the buttons visible and distinguishable using different color(s) and shapes (circle, square, oval, etc.).
What else is that you can place an indicator to guide towards the CTA button. Further, locate them on the top & bottom for instant conversion to avoid scrolling upwards/ downwards every time.


Video Content

Videos are the most interactive type of content and engage audiences the most. Why not use them to enhance the pages’ engagement level and turn them into high conversion rate landing pages.

Therefore, add relevant content videos that showcase valuable information.


Do you sound credible to your audience?

The appropriate way to build your credibility and authenticity is to house real-time views, comments, awards, and certificates on the site. It’s just that if the visitors find you trustable, only then will they convert as your customers and purchase with you.


Strategic and well-organized Navigation

Arrange your site navigation the way you think the visitors ride your site; plan to straighten out the conversion decisions. To illustrate, visitors get irritated the most when they have to pass through plenty of unnecessary stumbling blocks during site exploration. This quickly decamps their interest in converting as the customers.

Therefore, map out your site navigation (search bar, sidebar, internal links, sorting, filtering, turning back & forth icons) more sensibly.

Start reshaping your lead capture pages into high conversion rate landing pages and enjoy the perks of booming sales via PPC Marketing.