How to Secure Your Email in a More Effective Manner

Email marketing, undoubtedly, is a potent digital marketing maneuver. So utilizing email marketing tools and software and even outsourcing Email Marketing server is in trend. Emails are an adherent part of life, no matter the formal or informal communication, whether you are a marketer, businessman, corporation, or simply the end-user. What’s quirky is that believe it or not, hackers are also on the lookout to catch the loophole and trespass your email data. Thus, email security is a pressing factor that has caught the eye. Even the people who don’t open their inboxes daily think of email privacy and security as a must-have. Therefore, we are going to discourse how to secure your email in a more effective manner.

Why should you take email security seriously?

Still, many people here take their email protection for granted. However, they shouldn’t!

Many of us use our emails for signing into casual or confidential accounts, apps, websites, and so forth. Thus, an email account seems to be the key to unlock everything where you have used it. So data thieves and intruders/ hackers specifically target the email.

Suppose if your email account gets botched up, the intruder can trespass on your other accounts and information too. Simply by using the ‘forgot password’ or ‘password reset’ option. At that time, unfortunately, you will be exhausted and be left with nothing to stop it.

It implies that shielding your email account is imperative and better than being sorry in the end. So let’s plunge into how to secure your email in a more effective manner. There is more than one way to assist you for safety, and we have categorized them.

  • The approaches that you should take care of yourself.
  • The assistance you can pursue from tech solutions.

We seek to list them all. Let’s start with:


Security measures that you should attend yourself to Secure Your Email constructively. 


Habitually Sign out when you are done.

If you have a good memory or use a password manager, this tip is best for you. Try to sign out from the account every time you think you have completed what you were doing. Even on your phone or computer, make it a habit. However, it is pivotal to log out if you have entered your email address to sign in to your email account, etc., on somebody else’s device to secure your email. Alternatively, you will be putting an axe on your own foot.

Abstain from clicking unknown & suspicious links and downloads

Email phishing needs no introduction, let alone sophisticated phishing emails. Various emails a user gets daily have links, attachments, downloads, etc. Many people just click them out of curiosity without scrutinizing the sender – unfortunately, opening the door to let them access the data without any hassle. Most of those emails are a part of email phishing or have hidden viruses and malware. Furthermore, some asking for your confidential information, or others stealing your data when you click.

So you need to be alert and double-check the sender authenticity before clicking on anything. Or else your all security imposition efforts will go down the drain.

Create a Powerful Password

In addition to the above, well-built passwords secure your email to a greater extent. So you need to ensure that you have an un-crackable password for your email account. More specifically, it should be unique or might be a combo of alphabets, symbols, and numerals. Not to mention, it should not contain your name/email words, which are pretty easy to guess for non-specialists, let alone the technocrats. If it is difficult for you to remember the passwords (difficult ones), you can use a password manager.

If it isn’t urgent, try not to log in to communal Wi-Fi and public computers. 

Another security measure you can practice is to avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi. You don’t know, but these connections and hotspots can be a trap set up by cybercriminals or hackers. Not only your emails but your online banking credentials, confidential business data will be at risk too.

Similarly, don’t open your accounts (email, apps) on public computers. Mostly the hackers clutch on the information from the sign-ins, downloads, and browsing history.

 Periodic Device Security Updates 

Never ever ignore the updates. Also, don’t delay them for later because it will only increase the vulnerability. Whether on the mobile device or computer, it does not matter if they are for security, operating system, software, apps, etc. With timely updating, especially security-related, you can easily ward off the ample risks and attacks.

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Tech solutions to Secure Your Email in a More Effective Manner 

Next are the tech ways that you have to leverage and be stress-free for the future.

Leverage encryption for your emails and connections 

Encryption means converting the data into a gibberish code that can’t be deciphered without using the keys—wondering how it works? Let us tell you when you send an email/ information. This function turns the data into an unbreakable mixture of symbols, alphabets, and numbers. When the data reaches the next end, it decodes the data back to its original form.

What’s interesting is that both the receiver and the sender need keys (in simple words, passwords) to access the data. Also, even if a third party intrudes, it will see only the hocus-pocus blend of signs/ numerals, etc. So, for instance, your email will look like “yts493/6y6w0b2+ydlwjdoi/7usf45wola” to the hacker.

You can use this approach to boost the shielding of your emails.

2FA – Two Factor Authentication 

Dual factor or two-factor authentication is a well-admired security approach. Thus, from educational portals to government and private sectors, prefer to keep it in use. Simply put, 2FA proactively protects the user’s credentials and the resources the user needs to access by enforcing the two layers of security. Particularly, one has to pass through two inspections (two passwords) to access the account/ website.

You can enable 2FA for your email account to secure your email at best. Eventually, it will restrict all the unauthorized entrée and even forget password/ resetting conditions.

Favor the 2FA support in your new email service vendor 

The above is beneficial for your current activities. However, it might be possible that you can’t implement it at present (as your email provider doesn’t support it).

That being said, when you are to hook up an email provider, make sure it is trusted y the users. Also, what type of security solutions it incorporates for the users. It would be best if 2FA is in the options.

  • Get a Secure Email Marketing Server 

If you are a marketer or online business owner struggling to send millions of emails to your subscribers, you can leverage a dedicated server for email marketing. However, the condition is still that the server provider should be reliable and up-to-par in quality. It is because only the professional email server host will provide you with:

  • Security with Wildcard SSL Certificate and DDoS protection
  • External Cisco-based IP firewall
  • Norton Internal Security
  • Higher physical security

And more to maximize the security measures to keep your emails always secure and safe. By doing so, you will not only get the perk of flawless bulk email sending yet security on board too.

Install an Email Security Software 

If you are an ordinary email user, you can purchase and install email-specific/ general-purpose security software. It will assist in avoiding sophisticated email phishing, malicious document decryption, cyber-attacks, and more. To name a few:

  • SpamTitan Email Security
  • AVG Internet Security Business Edition
  • Symantec Email
  • Zerospam
  • Inky


Email protection is what you should never neglect to save your identity, data, and accounts. Nonetheless, depending on the scale and usage of the email for personal, business, or communication use, or per email marketing server, the needs to enforce email security vary. So we have reeled off all the methods on how to secure your email in a more effective manner. You can lodge the ones that correspond to your scenarios.

In addition, implementing the above-said practices will relieve the stress of how to secure your email in a more effective manner. And you are good to stay connected with your users and audience without worrying over the email management and price. To get more ROI, you can also contact a digital marketing agency to help and elevate your email subscribers.