Is dedicated web hosting propitious enough for you to befit?


Is dedicated web hosting propitious enough for you to befit?

Dedicated web hosting, the most expensive hosting, is providing a lot of features, including vast storage space, downright privacy, and reliability! Providing a high level of resources servers are completely isolated from one another.

Dedicated web hosting:

A single expensive server provided to an individual user giving him the authority to work independently, is something dedicated servers are. The resources that come up with a dedicated server are entirely available to be used by the person purchasing it.

Having a complete authority, he has the power to add or remove any of the resources. The web hosting is comparatively expensive, providing the best speed and security features as well. It also offers excellent flexibility. A person can easily add new software and can also configure resources easily. The web hosting most suitable with WordPress websites gives the facility to manage a load of traffic on the site.
With dedicated hosting, the issues occurring in shared hosting are resolved like; there is no exposure to any malware or virus.

Advantages and disadvantages of dedicated web hosting:  

The exceptional web hosting service is mostly used by large organizations to gain useful features, but It has some problems despite having a lot of advantages. 


  • It provides excellent security features, preventing the website from getting hacked or any other unauthorized access.
  • Secondly, it gives you great flexibility. A person can add new software or add or remove any resources according to needs and helps in providing functional storage as well.
  • A person getting dedicated web hosting does not need to worry about clogging up the website’s server. It makes it sure that any spikes running on other sites will not slow your server down.


When it comes to defects, the very first disadvantage is that it is costly. A person should only purchase it if he has a large business or organization to run. Small organizations are unable to afford it. Secondly, if you are new to dedicated servers, then it isn’t easy to learn the usage initially. A person using a dedicated server does not have physical access to the server; the hosting provider is responsible for updates and changes.

Economic servers used for dedicated web hosting: 

   Dedicated web hosting is done through dedicated servers for sure. Right now, thousands of web servers are there that are providing the services of dedicated web hosting. We are going to discuss a few:

Intel Core i7-3770:

The server provides outstanding services with the disk space of 2×10 TB GB and memory of size 32 GB DDR3.

AMD Athlon:

This server is going to provide you a disk space of 500GBx2 with an exceptional 16GB memory size.

Intel Core i7-4770 Quadcore Haswell:

The web server is providing 2x2TB disk storage with 64GB DDR3 memory size.