Is Plesk better than cPanel?


Is Plesk better than cPanel?

The statement “Is Plesk Panel better than cPanel?” is actually a debatable topic. Circling the same thing “managing the Web Hosting and servers,” there are always comparisons between the two features providing services for the same reason. Some individuals thought that it is a personal choice. Some regard it with suitability relative to their work and technical requirements.

Both cPanel and Plesk are administration control panels and help manage all the aspects of Web Hosting servers. Each has its own merits and demerits. Therefore, instead of drawing a biased answer for Is Plesk Panel better than cPanel? Let’s draw a comparison between both.

  • cPanel is older in the control panel license market than Plesk.
  • cPanel is just for Linux Operating Systems, whereas Plesk is working for both Linux and Windows.
  • cPanel has a functional, user-friendly Graphical Interface. Plesk has a modern, cleaned, UX/UI cross-platform Graphical Interface.
  • Plesk has less optimized performance than cPanel.
  • cPanel suits best with one website dealing. In contrast, Plesk can work for managing multiple websites and servers.
  • cPanel is user-friendly and easy to manage; that is why reported to be the best for beginners, whereas Plesk is difficult to handle.
  • Plesk is more advanced, mobile accessible, flexible, and secure than cPanel.
  • Plesk has less upgrading, operational, and security issues than cPanel.

The big difference following the individuals’ user experience regarding “Is Plesk better than cPanel?” is that Plesk provides the windows’ facilities. For instance, if someone has Windows Hosting, then Plesk obviously will be the best choice for him instead of cPanel.