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Make a headway for lofty and matchless cheap bulk Pknic Domain



Pknic card serving the purpose of recharging or renewing domain is simply a plastic card coming up with a pin provides a headway for lofty and matchless cheap bulk Pknic domain.

What is.Pk domain?

.pk is country code top-level domain for the country Pakistan. All the domains in Pakistan like edu, org, and .com are registered through this cctld. Intended to use with the establishments connected with Pakistan, The most popular domain in Pakistan is the .pk domain.

Purpose of Pknic cards:

PKNIC cards are carrying out the task the same as a mobile prepaid card to help to purchase a new .pk domain or renew an existing one. As is the case that all the domain in Pakistan like .edu, .org, .Net, etc. are registered with .pk domain, the primary purpose of PKNIC card is to register cheap bulk PKNIC domain as for two years with complete flexibility and ease.

Who needs to purchase cheap bulk Pknic Domain:

The fundamental purpose of purchasing a domain in Pakistan with .pk extension is to make one’s brand perceivable to others as well as to himself/herself. Various cities in Pakistan, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, and Faislabad, have customers and viewers of different genres. People from contemporary places need websites with .pk domains to boost up their business. While in some primitive cities, people need it for online money earning purposes. Despite all these purposes, people associated with non-profit organizations and academic institutes also need to purchase a cheap bulk Pknic domain.Pknic card, a fictile card having a twelve-digit scratch code, serves the purpose of getting or renew.Pk domain with full ease and proficiency.

Restricted.PK domains under Pknic cards:

Pknic cards allowing people to purchase cheap bulk pknic domain, also have some limits, exceptions, and restrictions that must be followed to prevent the website from masquerading, phishing, hacking and electronic fraud like cybercrime and cybersecurity threats.

  • Four character domain names before.Pk domain is never allowed. For example the domain .com.pk, .net.pk is acceptable but the domains .nett.pk,.comr.pk are never allowed
  • Any second-level domain cannot end with one of the PKNIC second-level domain like edu, gov, com
  • The label “WWW” for third-level domains are not allowed regarding the cybersecurity risks and threats of the DNS system.
  • Since 2013 it was decided that any domain with a four-character name cannot contain the pknic second-level domains



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