Make your website more secure and traffic optimized with cloud web hosting

Make your website more secure and traffic optimized with cloud web hosting

The easiest way to use computing resources to make the website hosted is cloud web hosting. From scalability to security to traffic optimization, everything can be controlled through the cloud efficiently.

Web Hosting

In recent years with the advancement of technology, cloud web hosting has become popular for some positive reasons. Providing hosting through the cloud, it stores all the data in a cloud instead of traditional servers. Information can easily be accessed on-demand and set the amount of space needed. In cloud web hosting:

  • Solutions and data is stored onto a cloud instead of a single traditional server.
    • Resources are scaled up according to user needs.
    • You need to pay for the resources you ask.
  • It can support databases with MYSQL as well as NoSQL databases.

The architecture of cloud web hosting:

The architecture of cloud hosting is somewhat different from traditional hosting services. It comprises various components including, databases, software, applications to solve business problems, and many more.

Various components of cloud architecture include:

  • Premise resources
  • Cloud resources
  • Middleware and software resources

The architecture aims to provide higher bandwidth, on-demand support, and uninterrupted access to data applications.


Who can use cloud hosting?

The websites using cloud hosting are not specific but are varied according to types, just like traditional server hosting.

The critical-mission websites like e-commerce stores, high-loaded websites, corporate websites, and lead generation websites would be a perfect match with cloud web hosting.

Making it easy to scale up proves to be beneficial to be used with publishing firms and new agencies with traffic and a considerable number of searches.

Some benefits of cloud web hosting:

Keeping in mind, the rise of cloud web hosting, a million questions may pop up in your account. So following are some advantages that would explain some of the questions:

Cost-efficient pricing structure:

In most web hosting, you pay monthly charges, whether you use any of the resources in that month or not, but you have to pay monthly. In cloud hosting, you get on-demand services so as you pay according to your usage.

Easy to scale:

Scaling the resources has become more accessible with cloud hosting, which had been hard to do with server computing. Cloud hosting gives intuitive site management and dashboard that let you view your site’s performance.

High uptime:

Cloud hosting gives the maximum uptime. As your server will be virtually using the resources, so if one server goes down, you can use any other server, and as a result, the site will not go offline for an extended period.