Meet the needs to know distinction between shared and VPS Web Hosting


Meet the needs to know distinction between shared and VPS Web Hosting

Each web hosting gives different types of benefits, as some are useful from a costing point of view and some from a working point of view. Shared and VPS hosting are entirely different from each other in this regard.

Web Hosting

Giving the website an online home to store all the data and information to make it live Web hosting plays a vital task in accomplishing these goals efficiently. So before heading towards the critical distinction between the difference of shared Web Hosting and VPS Web Hosting, one should be thoroughly acquainted with both of them.

Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting is just like sharing resources with other people. It means like living in a hostel where you share the room and other things with your roommate. So basically, in this Web Hosting, there is only one server, and a lot of people are getting assigned to that server, resulting in sharing the resources. The hosting of giving shared resources is of the most economical type.

Who should go for shared hosting?

Anyone with the following sites can go for shared hosting:

  • Blogging and personal websites.
  • Small companies
  • Startup business
  • Websites are expecting to have 500 visitors each day.


VPS Hosting:

While VPS hosting, on the other hand, the side is something different. It is just like a single person living in one place and maintaining the area and living as well. It is the best in a case where there is a massive amount of traffic on your website. Allowing you the root access, it gives you the authority to customize everything by yourself.

Who should go for VPS hosting?

  • Any business is expanding rapidly, or there is a chance to grow outwardly soon.
  • The business that wants to host a massive amount of websites
  • Those companies that are having a considerable amount of traffic to be managed for some time.
  • Companies that need higher bandwidth and security

VPS hosting, giving an edge over shared hosting, has proved to more advantageous than shared hosting. The only supremacy, shared hosting has over VPS hosting is its cost, as it is available at lower prices.


When to move from shared hosting away?

Initially, when a person does not have the thought to grow his business, he might get shared hosting, but after some time, it is needed to move towards VPS hosting.

  • When business is expanding rapidly beyond the expectations
  • Company planning to host multiple websites
  • Websites getting a high increase in a traffic spike