off Page SEO

off Page SEO

The term off page SEO refers generally to the activities take place outside your website for the promotion of your website on search engines. It’s just not only sharing the web links rather than it is beyond that. Social media, Video and photo sharing are quite familiar examples of it.

Managing the Change

An off page SEO has become an integral part for the improvement of your website’s rank on search engines. Although, many firms still focus on on-page SEO for hitting the Google’s perception for better traffic and keep focus on contents and website rather than outside activities. But a terminology we have come across in HRM ‘’Managing the Change’’ has taken over. In dynamic environment of social media and world of connections where more chances of meeting more people through clubbing, worship places and on shopping malls etc. mouth marketing plays a good role too for the optimization of your website.

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Mouth Marketing

Again it depends, in off-page SEO as we have mentioned in our article of on-page SEO Vs off-page SEO, if your business is involved in the activities for local people on a small scale or on a medium or on a large scale targeting all the world market, the strategy will be drawn accordingly, mouth marketing works good in small scale businesses. Satisfied customers leave the good comments about you which google takes the notice for or many customers view the comments before they come over to you through website or physically.


Though, again there is a very important point here rather I would say it is worth mentioning that products or services quality matters a lot. If you are a weak company product wise you will start losing your customers ultimately. You can have them back again through on page or off page SEO but you cannot retain them with you. You will be in fight all the time for optimizing your site but until how long? Finally, you have to improve your Total Quality Management (TQM) system for consistent optimization.



Links Building

Links building plays a fantastic role for improving your ranking on search engines in regard of off page SEO. How links building works? If someone gone through your website and if he/she likes your article, they share your article or website link to someone they communicate with through social media like face book, twitter etc. or they even directly send your link to them. Search engines know this way that your website has that particular information. So, this is the way you start getting traffic to your site and search engine notices these activities and at last, this process leads to the great process of SEO.

Demerit (Spam Links)

Be cautious! Spam Links also become the part of the process of link building, this is the way you put your rank down to bottom on search engines. Sometimes search engines ban you up thus you even lose your existing position and go out of the seen.


It is concluded, off page SEO plays an important role for better SEO. Both on-page and off-page are necessary for higher rank on search engines though in a current scenario of dynamic internet world with more crowd through one touch of a mobile phone, off page SEO is being used as a powerful tool for higher ranking.



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