Outsource cPanel server management services with Bitcoin

Outsource cPanel server management services with Bitcoin

cPanel, no doubt, has established its pace as one of the utmost dynamical control panels in the web hosting world. With the viability of cPanel, cPanel server management services have come into play too. You can easily buy these services from a professional company with your preferred payment style, for instance, bitcoin.

Before delving deep down the services, let’s take a detour and start off with the cPanel, followed by server management.


cPanel is a control panel that is equally likable, usable for all users, especially beginners too. Why and how?

It has a user-friendly interface with tremendous security and easy-to-use file management features. It makes server and website management the easiest with its robust features. You can build a website, manage and create subdomains/ add-on domains and emails, uploading files, and more. From FTP accounts to security to data backup, API add-ons, and integrations, you can manage everything.

You can start off by purchasing a cheap cPanel license (here is all about cPanel license).

Server Management

Server management, after all, refers to monitor and maintain the servers to streamline their operation at peak performance. Be it the hardware, software, apps, security, and backups, and others, it includes eradicating the server faults. So that a server can serve the purpose, it has been purchased for.

Thus, periodic server management and server monitoring are essential. If didn’t do so, it can cause substantial financial impediments to the server and to business for sure too.

People can do the cPanel server management themselves and even ask for assistance from a professional company as well.

If cPanel is user-friendly, why should you hire cPanel server management services?

cPanel certainly is a user-friendly tool to alleviate the server management headache. However, when you enter the technical world, you will feel like sitting on a roller coaster ride, with each turn taking you to a new complexity. As a result, even tech-savvy individuals find it hard to look after the server.

Besides, many corporations, people new to servers, web designers, and developers often do not have time. Also, some avoid facing server management tasks.

So thankfully, outsourcing the cPanel server management services with bitcoin can help you bypass all the complications related to the server absolutely.

While utilizing these amenities, you will be working with a team of professionals that have certified skills to manage the cPanel servers. In turn, you will have more time to focus on the core measures that lead to skyrocketing business performance.


What do the cPanel server management services help you with?

The services are shaped considering the user convenience in mind, so you can expect extensive cPanel support for you. Simply put, the enlisted services will vary based on your selected support level and also the services providing company.

Still, we will jot them down bit by bit here. Let’s check them out.


Server Setup

The foremost assistance will be related to the server setup. You can bank on the network documentation, server installation, and configuration leading to complete setup. In addition, DNS setting and cPanel control panel installation and configuration, and others.


Server Management & Optimization

The cPanel server management services provider offers basic to high-end server management. Uninterrupted monitoring, upgrades, server auditing, RAID configuration (data storage virtualization technology), to name a few.

In addition, the server optimization encompasses Apache and MySQL Optimization, PHP Caching, control server load, CloudFlare Installation, LiteSpeed support, and all that is needed to improve uptime and performance.


Server Security

Server security is still a big gun for businesses and individuals. So the management services harden the server security with the latest technological solutions to ensure the server’s data and resources protection.

Prevention of SQL injection, brute force attacks, suppression for Apache, intrusions, hacking, and other malicious activities is also facilitated. Naming a few methods, mod security, PHP and DNS Hardening, LFD, and email alerts alongside Security audits.


Recovery from Unforeseen Digital Disasters

Despite high alert safety, in case any disaster like crash, cyber-attack, etc., happens. The cPanel server management services experts provide recovery and sort out the issues immediately.


cPanel Administration

The service also includes cPanel-set assistances like cPanel updates, Apache, PHP Upgrade and downgrade, backup configuration & restoration, and Nameserver setup, Mail server setup, and FTP Server Setup, Disk space, and DNS Editing, etc.


New installations & Server Migrations

In addition to the above services, whenever you wish to integrate new functionality to the server or your website and need to install the software, the service provider can help you. It can be any of the original or third-party software, SoftaculousSSL Installation, cPanelPro, etc.

The certified staff rendering the services also helps to transfer the data between the different cPanel servers. This data migration is backed up with creation, backup, and restoration.


Quick Responding Customer Service

Alongside the services, customer support is a bonus. Unlike other support services, you get fast responding round-the-clock assistance. Also, you are free to contact at your convenience from tickets, email, live chat, etc. If the company is reliable, you can even expect your issue to be solved within a day.


Now let’s summarize the:

Benefits of hiring the cPanel server management services


Server in good hands:

Your server is maintained by certified cPanel experts. The staff is undoubtedly fueled with insights and advanced tools, so you can rest assured by the server performance and uptime.

Ultimate Performance Amplification at Low costs:

If you can avail of the services at a reasonable price, it seems to be pretty effective. You can ensure the server’s health, safety, and maintenance on a low budget easily.

No server maintenance headaches:

When cPanel virtual server management service is providing their best of the best facilities, you don’t have to run into any responsibility.

Exclusive assistance:

If you are new to cPanel and have yet to buy a cPanel license and don’t know how to manage the cPanel license, the services will help you start with the basic settings to an advanced level.


For issues and technical problems, the seasoned workforce stays on guard 24/7/365. So troubleshooting is easily accessible.

That’s all for now for cPanel management services. Further, let’s talk a bit about bitcoin.


Buy cPanel server management services with bitcoin

You might be wondering can you buy the cPanel server administration services with bitcoin and why you should prefer the bitcoin payment method.

Well! You definitely can use bitcoin for hiring the services. Bitcoin is a digital currency, more specifically, a peer-to-peer virtual cash system established in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. On top of all, the crypto trend – bitcoin is pretty prevalent.


The exclusive reasons behind this trend include that bitcoin is much more secure, tech-savvy, and best for instant international transactions. In addition, no hassles of paperwork and little to no transaction charges make this digital currency a suitable choice.

Backend management has never been easy before, but it will be now for you! So be quick about outsourcing the cPanel server management services with Bitcoin and hail the double perks for your business.

Backend management has never been easy before, but it will be now for you! So be quick about outsourcing the cPanel server management services with Bitcoin and hail the double perks for your business.