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Windows along with Linux VPS HOSTING in china added with full root access & RDP for WINDOWS HOSTING

VPS HOSTING with BTC Pricing & Plans


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  • Cpu 1 vCore
  • Ram 512 MB
  • Disk Space 10 GB
  • Bandwidth 500 GB @ 1 Gbps
  • IP(s) 1


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  • Cpu 1 vCore
  • Ram 1 GB
  • Disk Space 30 GB
  • Bandwidth 1.5 TB @ 1 Gbps
  • IP(s) 1


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  • Cpu 2 vCore
  • Ram 2 GB
  • Disk Space 40 GB
  • Bandwidth 2 TB @ 1 Gbps
  • IP(s) 1


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  • Cpu 3 vCore
  • Ram 3 GB
  • Disk Space 60 GB
  • Bandwidth 3 TB @ 1 Gbps
  • IP(s) 1


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  • Cpu 4 vCore
  • Ram 4 GB
  • Disk Space 80 GB
  • Bandwidth 4 TB @ 1 Gbps
  • IP(s) 1

Pay with Bitcoin | Bitcoin Website | Web Hosting Company That Accepts Bitcoin Payments

The integration of cryptocurrency payments into the world of Virtual Private Servers (VPS) has transformed the way individuals and businesses access hosting services. Now, you can buy a VPS with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, making it easier than ever to secure your online presence. VPS providers that accept Bitcoin offer a level of privacy and security that resonates with the principles of cryptocurrency itself.

This option allows users to make payments without divulging personal or financial information, enhancing anonymity and safeguarding sensitive data. Whether you’re looking to buy a Linux VPS with Bitcoin or exploring various VPS crypto payment options, this innovative approach not only grants you access to powerful hosting resources but also showcases the adaptability and convenience of digital currencies in the digital age.

This trend reflects the evolving landscape of online transactions, where users can seamlessly purchase and manage VPS resources using cryptocurrencies. Whether it’s VPS Bitcoin accepted, VPS pay with crypto, or simply VPS crypto, these terms signify a fusion of advanced technology and financial innovation that empowers users to have greater control over their online hosting services while harnessing the unique advantages of digital currencies. It’s a testament to the ever-expanding boundaries of what’s possible in the digital realm, and it’s ushering in a new era of convenience and security for VPS hosting.

It’s a win-win for those who value both their online privacy and the flexibility that cryptocurrencies bring to the table when it comes to managing their web projects.

What is Bitcoin Hosting / Bitcoin Website?

Cryptocurrency is now-a-days a most preferred method of payment amongst technologists, early adopters & enthusiasts.  Bitcoin hosting is mostly presented as a solution for those who want to secure their website and anonymity on the web.

Bitcoin is the future & will become the most popular payment methods of 21st century. So, our best Web Hosting Company is accepting Bitcoin payments for Bitcoin Website services. We provide shared hosting, managed Windows / Linux Hosting, WordPress Hosting, reseller hosting, Buy VPS Hosting with Bitcoin, Dedicated Servers, semi-dedicated, Email Marketing Server and virtual hosting around the world. For VPS Australia Bitcoin is a perfect choice as it gives you more security and stay anonymous.


Most Prominent Benefits of Bitcoin Web Hosting / Bitcoin Website

Following are the most prominent benefits of Bitcoin Web Hosting / Bitcoin Website:

  • Payment efficiency:You may find that payments are simpler i.e. Pay with Bitcoin than they would be when using a payment card.
  • Bitcoin Website Privacy:While some companies will require your details to set up a web hosting account for Bitcoin Website, you may enjoy increased Bitcoin Website privacy when paying with bitcoin. Remember, though, that bitcoin is never completely anonymous.
  • Encouragement:If you enjoy using bitcoin, you may want to support the businesses that are using it in the real world.
  • Stay Anonymous: Protect your identity & financial information from hackers who are on the prowl.
  • Anti-fraud System: All Bitcoin transactions are secured by military-grade cryptography which confirms a high level of security.
  • No Hidden Fees: Using Bitcoin as a payment method you eliminate the risk of hidden fees.

DDoS Protection: Our Bitcoin Web Hosting plans come with latest Anti-DDoS protection services.