Product-agnostic content writing services | Insights


Product-agnostic content writing services | Insights

In this virtual world, content is the king of marketing. The umbrella of content writing encompasses various services such as SEO, affiliate content writing, and much more. A digital marketing typically offers most of the content writing for marketing purposes. Your online content is all the information that your consumers have. It can be reviews/feedback, product description, or it may be product-agnostic content writing. Your online existence helps your brand build the trust of your customers, getting leads and conversions. It simply enables you to grow in the digital market.

The online content usually follows two basic themes; business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) strategy. Both have their perks. You may be familiar with the product descriptionreviews, and affiliate content writing, but here we shall be discussing the product-agnostic content. Statistics show that it has proved to be very useful in getting you a chance to get noticed and engaging your customers.

Product-agnostic content writing services Plans:

product agnostic plans

Product agnostic content writing

This sort of writing is more about the product and less about your brand. The product-agnostic approach revolves around your knowledge about a product or service you offer rather than your brand. While writing with this approach, you do not set a sales pitch. Instead, you write in a knowledgeable tone. Furthermore, it is essential to note that your customers are not only product-agnostic but also platform-agnostic and device-agnostic. So, streamline your content-distribution strategy such that it would be agnostic as well as diverse. You grab the attention of your top-funnel leads with them by writing about what you KNOW, not with what you say.


Here are some examples of product-agnostic content writing:

Instructional videos

As the title indicates, instructional videos are delivering information or address a problem. The urge to find a solution keeps the viewer stick to the screen and stay on your page. You can plan out the video around a service that provides a solution to some typical problem. Furthermore, adding some compelling and promotional link beneath the video.

Blogs and Articles

Blogs and articles are typical examples of product-agnostic content writing. It is a must to your content strategy and proves to be the best medium for grabbing your customer’s attention. You produce content related to diverse areas of your niche and link that back to your product or services.


Webinars are also a great medium to educate people, and it has been used widely for showcasing and enlightening the audience about what you have. Either live or recorded, webinar sessions prove to generate significant leads.