Register through rational PKNIC prepaid cards


The domain specified for government institutes is challenging to get as PKNIC issues this domain only for government entities situated in Pakistan.

PKNIC Domain

Presenting the most valued domain of Pakistan, we can say that is a highly valued domain of Pakistan. The domain, no doubt, is another extension of the second-level domain but is not commonly used due to some restrictions imposed by PKNIC over it. Representing the websites of government institutes can be registered for Pakistani government institutes, organizations, and departments. PKNIC being the registrar of the domain, register it through PKNIC prepaid cards.

Who can get registration?

PKNIC issuing this domain makes sure that it is only used for governmental purposes. Any government institutes or department that is officially registered under the government of Pakistan can get this domain.

  • Any person for some personal uses cannot get this domain.
  • .Any company not affiliated with Government of Pakistan cannot get
  • Anyone for any illegal purpose or from the wrong intention cannot get this domain.

The smart choice allowing making the existence of institutes associated with the government of Pakistan over the internet has become even more feasible with registration through PKNIC prepaid cards.

Registration through PKNIC prepaid cards:

PKNIC being the center of registry and renewal of .pk domains provides .gov domain with .pk suffix. The minimum limit of two years varies according to the needs accordingly. PKNIC prepaid cards serving the purpose the same as mobile cards used to register or renew the domain comes up with a twelve-digit scratch code.

Eligibility criteria:

The criteria to register domain needs to be kept before requesting for its purchase.

  • The is reserved for government institutes and cannot be used by any other company that is not affiliated with the government of Pakistan.
  • The national identity card of Pakistan for purchasing this domain is a must.
  • The domain cannot be registered for any illegal purpose.

Basic requirements

  • An Authorized letter signed by the head of government organization.
  • CNIC copy of the person signing the authorized letter
  • The letter should be in original form, with no photocopy or laser prints.

Why is needed?

This domain has the most authenticated identity, serves for government entities.

  • It proves as a symbol of authentication for the entities of government in Pakistan.
  • Mainly designed to help the general public, any news announcement from this domain site is found to be most authentic.