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Route to vitalize the .PK domain at viable PKNIC domain price



After purchasing the.PK domains it works for two years correctly. After the specified time limit, it needs to get renewed. The renewal of the domain is itself a complete process that needs to get done precisely. Proper guidance is required to restore it at a viable PKNIC domain price.

PKNIC Domain

As citizens of Pakistan, We need to do business and open institutes in our country for its progress. The .PK domain is the most popular CCTLD in Pakistan. Being a public domain, it helps to establish any new project within the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It not only used with .com domain but also with .net, .edu, .org, and many more.
The primary purpose of using the .pk domain is to make sure that these entities are established within Pakistan. Any person living in Pakistan with the nationality of Pakistan can get the .pk domain at nominal prices, whereas foreigners have to pay more PKNIC domain price.

Domain renewal:

Domain renewal is a whole process itself to accomplish. After purchasing any domain with the.PK extension, we can use it for two years, but after that, it needs to get renewed. Renewal can get done through prepaid cards that are plastic cards with a scratch code of twelve digits. PKNIC issue these cards to their customers for their ease. Furthermore, there are some additional methods that use to renew the domain.PK extension.

Through the online invoice:

Usually, an invoice gets issued before some weeks of the expiration date of the domain; you can view it from the menu option billing to invoices and then pay according to the options displayed there.
If in case there is no invoice issued, you can create one by clicking My domains, then Manage domains, select manage checkbox, then select “Invoice for payment” action under “perform bulk actions.”

Through credit cards:

You can use this method to renew the domain at credit online. Just go to Billing from menu then go to Pay Domains; from there, you can quickly PKNIC domain price for renewal.

Through Agents:

Any agent like reseller or domain registration company can pay on your behalf. You can ask them to pay for you.

Through cheques:

You can also pay PKNIC domain price for renewal through a cheque. The cheque must be payable, and there must be yours.PK account number mentioned on the back of the cheque. With the payment, make sure to include payment slip.