Secrets about how to promote the best vape shop on Facebook


The importance of Marketing for the best vape shop

Though every vape shop owner uses social media, especially Facebook, for marketing purposes, most of them are unsure about the relevant results as these platforms usually do not allow to market e-cigarettes and vapes. Studies show that today:

  • More than one-fifth of the earth population is using Facebook
  • It has even more chances to increase 7.18% in the coming year
  • Facebook is known as the third most visited site in the world.
vape shop marketing

Why does Marketing work for the best vape shop?


Expanded reach of content

Every time somebody sees the relevant content under any vape store, chances increase to get the authenticity increased. The better the content reach, the better chance is to increase brand awareness. If the content reaches a person who did not know about the vape store in the town, then chances are it has reached somebody that could not probably be reached otherwise. Also, if it reaches somebody already purchasing from a particular vape store, chances are to get him more trust in the same brand.

Customer loyalty

When people follow a brand or company on Facebook, they give a vote of confidence to it as well. People want to stay connected with the brand, want to know about the recent updates and promotions. Every new follower of the virtual vape store is a new opportunity to grow better. As people tend to grab things from the place they trust the most. Therefore, social media marketing brings the brand in front of people and helps gain customers’ loyalty.

Increased sales

On social media apps, people spend most of their time posting content relevant to their business. A vape store owner does the same. When proper answers to the questions are given, it helps in creating a better opportunity for building trust and loyalty. Today, people love the fact that companies stay active on social media and answer their queries instantly. It eventually creates trust, and trust is the key to consistently achieve the sales target.

Promote the best vape store on Facebook

No doubt, Facebook & Instagram has banned the marketing or advertisement of vapes or any such stuff; still, contrary to this popular belief, Facebook can be used for vape shop marketing. Though it is a bit risky approach, most of the vape business owners are following the same. It is hard to do Facebook marketing for vapes but not an impossible thing. Here are some steps to be taken in order to support the new mission statement.

Mission marketing for smoke cessation movement

The basic step is to think in terms of mission marketing as well as the creation of a Facebook Page that speaks to this mission. It serves as the following:

It allows creating a Facebook business page that is totally unrelated to the vape business. It will help in opening the door to the successful running of Facebook ads. The ads that Facebook will not decline for being associated with vape marketing. According to Facebook terms & conditions, running an ad for a smoking cessation group is totally alright.

Furthermore, it gives a broader purpose of providing mission marketing. It is basically the idea of creating a movement or a cause that is bigger than what you actually want to promote.

Set-Up Facebook Groups

Facebook groups creation and use for marketing purposes are also very powerful tools to promote the best marketing vape shops in the town. So creating a Facebook group where the sole purpose is to bring the smokers looking to commit smoke is the next step. It needs to be kept in consideration that the purpose of group creation should not be about manipulating people to purchase products. Instead, the goal of the group should be sincere.

After all, asking people to quit smoking and shift to vaping should be the reason to connect with people and offer sincere support.

Share the relevant smoke stories

The important thing is to set the ball rolling about storytelling and keep discussing the success stories. With the people in the group, personal anecdotes about quitting smoking with vapes can also be shared. Build connections with people on a more intense level. In the digital world, where most things and articles are against vaping, try explaining the positive points—Post relevant articles in this regard. Regardless of the fact that vaping has any side effects or not, it can help people to quit health-hazardous cigarette smoking.


Host some get-togethers

It is probably among the last steps after building the authority as an expert. Meet the people in real, and communicate. As a mission marketer expert, the goal should be smoking cessation. Always try to build as a local authority and champion of smoking cessation. It is important not to claim any health benefits or any other benefits regarding the best vape shop advertising. Instead, the idea is to lead people towards quitting smoking and trying to vape by themselves.