SEO Ranking Factors 2021 | How to level up your website?

Ranking and positions of the website/ web pages on first SERP deem to have become one of the ports of call for online businesses. So every business is working its fingers to the bones and hiring SEO Services to evolve with respect to Google’s ranking factors right away. However, being a smart search engine managing a deep-sea of information and billions of websites, Google keeps changing the Ranking algorithms. So by now, an approximate estimation is around 200+ ranking factors. Doing so determines which sites to show in search results and what ranking by proffering the best user experience. So here is a list of SEO Ranking Factors 2021 to be familiar with what you have to practice in order to level up your site ranking in 2021.

Speed – Website/ Web Page 

Speed, no doubt, has become a dominant ranking factor, especially after the Google page experience update. Also, users with tons of choices available never hold back until the website or web page loads completely and will only be annoyed. So Google caring most about the user experience will never display a website with poor speed at the top.

Mobile-first According to SEMrush, a site loading in 2.9 seconds surpasses 50% of websites. 1.7 seconds one excels 75% of the web. Similarly, a site that loads in 0.8 seconds will approximately outshine the 94% of websites residing on the World Wide Web.

Now it is on you where you want to stand, whether the desktop or mobile version of your site.

Mobile-first version – Accessibility and Usability 

With the mobile devices-driven era, a website’s mobile version is on the priority. Google follows the same rule “mobile-first” while indexing and evaluating the page for ranking because it is tied to user experience. Thereby, it is one of the SEO Ranking Factors.

So the website should be responsive, aligned with seamless navigation, and have readable text with best-size fonts and easy-to-press links, buttons, etc., following the small screens. More specifically, the site should be flawless to use on mobile devices.

Therefore, be aware that perfect desktop yet poor mobile version websites will not prompt the ranking and website traffic.

All the above fall in the technical SEO category, so you need to focus on your technical SEO on those features too that we haven’t listed here. In addition, you need to run some tests to know your website performance better.

If selected from a company providing professional SEO Services, the SEO plans already include periodic auditing, analysis, and reporting. So you can have an edge here to streamline your technical SEO.

Keywords & Content 

After maintaining the website design, development, technical assists, everything boils down to the content (On-page SEO). Content can serve as a powerful boon for any business and is the most crucial one among the SEO Ranking Factors. And it hasn’t changed even in 2021 for the ranking rise and downfall.

Remember, your website can’t flourish if it isn’t shaped around the customers. So, first of all, the keywords relevancy matters if your used keywords will match the user searched words to let you appear in the search results. So your keywords should be search-intent perfect fitted, long-tail, etc., following your business and users. Afterward comes the content itself; Google favors only the top-quality content. Content optimization, content length, keywords usage, Image alt-text, URL structure, information authenticity, and so forth together foster overall content performance and ranking.

On top of all, well-built, well-organized content can help Google bots understand your site better. Thus, correct structured data on your pages straightaway makes your page eligible for many special features in Google Search results alongside content ranking.

So it would be best if you craft your website content by hiring professional content writing services and content marketing experts.

Website Security 

Since 2014, web security has been added to be a ranking factor. However, cybersecurity issues are escalating exponentially day by day. So it ascent the list and has become one of the critical SEO Ranking Factors. This security includes your site being incorporating HTPPS encryption to ensure a protected connection between your website and its users.

Not only the search engines but the users don’t entrust their information with un-secure websites. Be it the email addresses dropping, subscription, or confidential information like bank details for online shopping. So Google’s motive is to display only the secure sites in search results irrespective of the content, design, and website viability. Thus, to raise up to the ranking ladder, be vigilant concerning your site safety. Best security practices like SSL certificates, DDoS attacks prevention, etc., should be your way to go.

Domain-related Aspects 

The domain is one of the activation aspects behind a website, also takes part in Google ranking.

For instance, older domains seem to have secured top positions more than the new domains. So SEO experts think domain age matters for ranking (however, Google directly has never said so). Similarly, the domain name can be influential at times but not always. It’s just that domain should be one narrating your business in the best possible way. Nonetheless, one aspect that surely has an effect is the domain authority. Higher domain authority can assist in triggering the opportunities to rank high and more often.


You might already be familiar with backlinks (inbound links) and their usability. However, internal linking and outbound links are equally important.

Despite being an off-page strategy, backlinks are one of the crucial SEO Ranking Factors. In fact, a runner-up succeeding the content. It is because links help Google determine if the content is attention deserving and usable, and readable. So increased quality links will surely govern your ranking.

Links from the old domains and high authority domains are much more influential than the new and low-quality domains. Also, Broken and spammy links will only damage your linking profile and eventually ranking too. So try to create as many authoritative links as you can and steer clear of the non-working links and spam score from your site to maintain your website authority.

Business Listings

It goes without saying that search engines will look for the credibility and authority of any website/ business before ranking. Therefore, it is a ranking factor alongside the other SEO Ranking Factors and is specifically critical for the business with local targeting intentions. Thus, you should have a proper and accurate business listing to prove you can be trusted, just like the backlinks profile.

What you need to do to catch up with this ranking factor is to have:

  • First, establish business profiles on industry-related directory sites.
  • Business profiles and reviews on industry-related directory sites.
  • Business listings on platforms like Google My Business and Facebook.
  • Accurate, consistent, and real-time NAP on all business profiles and accounts.

P.S. NAP – Name, Address, Phone Number

SEO for the Videos to Boost Ranking 

A moment of truth to mention here is that people are mostly devoted to optimizing the textual content more. However, neglect the SEO optimization of visual content. Undoubtedly visual content is the need of the hour to streamline the audience engagement, so is the SEO for the videos. So make sure that you are being heedful of the aspect that will not only serve as a real-life depiction and voice for your business, products, and services but help secure peak rankings. You can hand over your media production to creative Video Production Services to get high-quality video content that can help convert leads to customers.

Get your website ready following these SEO Ranking Factors 2021!

As Google said, it doesn’t accept payment to rank the web pages and websites higher. And that the ranking is done programmatically. So you need to put in the legwork to achieve top ranking positions.

As already mentioned, around 200+ ranking constituents exist at present. However, we have reeled off the SEO Ranking Factors that are most important to practice in 2021.

If your website is not ready yet, set out to optimize it. It is already late 2021. You need to be really quick about it so that you can grab the benefits not only in 2021 but also in the forthcoming 2022.

Whenever a user searches a query, Google displays ads, snippets, answer boxes alongside the content containing websites. So your website content placement on this search results page is what is called ranking. Being in the top position (means 1) means people will definitely want to scan through what the website has to offer.

Therefore, no doubt the well-optimized SEO websites have a high ratio of traffic, click-through rates, leads, and conversions. You can also craft a well-optimized SEO website for your business. You just have to implement the best SEO practices, support the factors that strengthen SEO results, and overhaul matching the ranking factors.

Need SEO expert?

Scanning throughout the whole post, you have understood that all these ranking factors are a breakdown of the basic SEO tactics. That is On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Technical SEO. Admittedly, a non-specialist can never regulate these maneuvers. Therefore, managing and tweaking the website according to the SEO Ranking Factors 2021 isn’t a cakewalk. Google itself has assembled a long-drawn-out guide to help you improve your site; following them again isn’t painless. Thus, assistance from SEO experts is indeed essential.

You can decide on the level of support you require, from keywords to content creation to online business development campaigns to auditing and so forth. In short, the specialists can craft the best strategies to make your site and content top-tier in terms of SEO in no time. Eventually, it results in greasing your website’s/ web page way to secure top rankings on the first SERP.