Social Selling Tips For Marketing Your Services To A B2B Audience

During the pandemic, the shopping behaviour of customers has changed. Not only the shopping pattern but platforms are also hit, and social selling is becoming quite popular these days. Similarly, brands are also adopting social media to promote their expertise and products. 75% of B2B buyers from social selling are an excellent attraction for brands to use social media for marketing and selling. Before going to successful social selling tips for marketing the brand, we will elaborate on what social selling is.


The perspective of Social Selling

Involving social media channels to build relationships and engage with your potential customers to achieve selling goals is social conversions. For example, LinkedIn has plenty of marketing experts that share tips for social selling with an audience of a particular industry such as finance, e-commerce and others. With time, they will gain the trust and earn potential clients without using your posts and advertisements.


Social selling and Social Media Marketing- Two different aspects

Social selling and social media marketing aims to sell products or services, but both terms encompass slightly different prospects. Social selling focuses on relationship-building with the audience through your brand. Social media marketing targets a broad audience across the globe and centres on the brand.

Social selling is a sales-centered approach, and social media marketing focuses on brand awareness to increase sales.

Finally, social selling doesn’t need to mention your products or services regularly but to showcase yourself as a market expert so that customers can trust you. At the same time, Social media marketing can be a tool for successful social selling.


Social Selling Tips for marketing your services to B2B Audiences


1.    Affirm your strategy

The first and most important tip for social selling is to create a robust system. Set the ultimate goal so that you may have a clear and result-tracking path.

Some of the critical questions for setting up your goal and strategy accordingly are:

  • Who are the ideal customers for me
  • Where can I find these prospective customers and leads
  • What platforms are my competitors using?
  • Which platform is best suitable for my brand?
  • What value can I produce on the table?

Focusing on the answers to these questions, you will have transparency for your potential customers and how to target them.

Whereas the most suitable platform varies according to the targeted audience. If you sell software solutions or ERP solutions to businesses, then LinkedIn and Twitter are the best. On the other hand, if you are dealing with clothing and other small e-commerce, then Facebook and Instagram can help you target the maximum potential customers.

Moreover, social listening through specific hashtags is another helpful means to lead you to the targeted audience on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok etc. You can also follow the relevant industries to attract an audience. Finally, SEO content writing is also an effective technique to be in audience searches.


2.    Profile Optimization for Social Selling

The first presentation of your brand is your online or social profile. To achieve credibility, you need a professional profile that depicts your offerings. One of the social selling tips for marketing your services is a compelling profile with the following characteristics:

  • High-quality professional profile picture
  • Professional banner for your profile
  • Concise headline or a description of what you are and what you do
  • Links to your company’s website

For multi-platforms, your look must be consistent and relevant. e.g., you can use the same profile picture for all the channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook). In addition, you can hire a social media marketing agency for professional social media marketing services to achieve social selling goals fulfilment. You can create an efficient and effective profile with their content writing services.


3.    Consistent, Meaningful Customer Interaction

For social selling, it is essential to engage your audience well. For example, posting leadership posts and research is undoubtedly a good-to-go activity, but it doesn’t start a meaningful conversation. So, posting a question can engage the audience or a poll can have a better reach and impression.

On the other hand, social selling is not meant to come only with a unique post to share, but it also emphasizes commenting on others’ posts. Even you can give meaningful responses to the comments from the audience, or you can provide recommendations upon asking.

You must be consistent and keep going with an enthusiastic attitude to get fruitful results. It isn’t easy to draw a line between the limits of too little and too often, but being a starter once a week is good as social selling works because it’s a process that gradually nurtures and relationships are not built overnight. So, consistency is the central pillar for effective social selling.


4.    Value the existing customers

In the quest for new customers and sales, it is possible to ignore existing customers on social media. It is six times more expensive to get a new customer than to retain an existing one. Preferably, if they buy from your brand, they will buy again, but you can’t trust this assumption unless you put effort into it.

For existing customers, you should ask more profound questions and take time to nurture relationships to let them feel special. One should engage the existing customers according to their interests by gathering information from their profiles and bios.


5.    Stay in tune with market trends

Social media is so fast-paced that catching every trend and update is quite a hassle. But for successful social selling, you must stay in-tuned with every aspect of your industry. So, while searching for the hot topics to touch, choose them wisely to resonate with you and your brand as well as the targeted audience.

Aside from the content, the format also does matter. For example, a video format has high audience engagement on LinkedIn, and other platforms also have high reach. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve the results with plain text, images, or their mixes.


How to implement social selling tips for marketing services

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Wrapping up

Social selling has been a growing trend since the pandemic, and brands are looking for the proper marketing solution to enhance social selling worldwide. Similar to conventional business strategies, social selling tips for marketing your services are necessary to follow for fruitful results. Navicosoft Australia can only comply with the most effective and result-oriented strategies for social selling in a better way. It is today’s most reliable and competent social media marketing services agency with the utmost competency and expertise.