Start your blogging website with quirky WordPress Website design


Start your blogging website with quirky WordPress Website design

A good platform with all the required facilities for blogging purposes can be very advantageous for bloggers. WordPress website design themes are a perfect match for any blogging.

WordPress Website Design

A blogging website giving all the information and guideline needs our focus for working correctly. For choosing the right platform for blogs, we need to keep the stuff we are going to write blogs.
Blogging is of different types like personal blogs, business blogs, sports blogs, history blogs, family and gaming blogs, and many more. Before starting blogging, one needs to find out the most compatible WordPress Website Design accordingly.

Choose the right WordPress Website Design:

Before starting blogging, make sure to choose the right blog accordingly, like if you are going to make a gamin blog website, then the colors of WordPress Website Design should be something like funky. If the site is about family blogs, then it should have a mature look with cool undertones.

Choose the Blogging platform carefully!

For starting blogging, you need software in accordance. WordPress Websites comes up with the suitable plugins help to create blogging websites easily as WordPress was explicitly designed for blogging purpose initially. for Blogging:

It is a self-hosted and easily downloadable blogging and management toolset that comes up with eye-catching WordPress Website Design themes. It can easily be downloadable through the internet with 20-60 minutes of setup time. For having some extra functionality with your desired WordPress Website Design theme, you need to get some additional plugins.

These plugins are small pieces of software written in PHP. This self-hosted blogging platform is suitable for the following people:

  • Blogger who want to monetize the blogs
  • Bloggers who blog in spare time as a hobby.
  • Organizations who want to add blogs on their web presence.

If you do not need to monetize the blog, then you should use the other version. for Blogging:

It is a pre-hosted blogging package that does not need any domain or hosting to go live! It merely puts the name of the blog as a domain name right before It also comes up with alluring WordPress Website Design themes. You have to download the software and then install it.

It comes up with three packages:

$0 for essential blogging

$99/year- for professional bloggers

$299/year- for business solutions

With each package, it gives all the promised features, plugins, and designs as well.