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Take a glimpse to get .com.pk domain at low PKNIC domain price



com domain with .pk cctld allows running any organization, business, or company in Pakistan. Any person with the desire for the online presence of his business can use .com.pk at low PKNIC domain price to make his existence live over the internet.

PKNIC domain?

Having a suitable domain name to run any local business or merchandise is equally necessary. .com domain extracted from the word “commercial” has been defined to use for commercial purposes.
The fashion of the .com domain has been undeniable for thirty years. From providing credibility to your business to SEO assistance, it has always been one of the best top-level domain. .com domain being top of mind for business, blogs, social networks, and every other website is the most expected domain to be seen in the search bar. The domain bringing the industry online serves with 100% operational feasibility and accuracy for more than 15 years depending upon your demand.

Business is getting more and more advanced, and websites are becoming an essential artifact for regular promotions. In Pakistan, to run any business successfully and to make it appear over the internet, .com.pk domain is needed. Not only specified for business, but it can also be used for other purposes. The registration process of .com.pk domain can take the time of as minimum as five minutes and a maximum of twenty-four hours.

.com.pk domain registration at low PKNIC domain price

Just like other domains with .pk suffix needs PKNIC cards for purchases or renewal of the domain, the .com domain also needs PKNIC cards. .com.pk is provided to people with Pakistani nationalities with low PKNIC domain price. Any person living in Pakistan can get it at comparatively low prices than any foreign person.

Eligibility criteria for .com.pk domain:

Following certain eligibility criteria for registering .com.pk domain with low PKNIC domain price is a must. PKNIC has some standards and criteria to register .com domain with .pk
cctld that must be followed for safe and secure registration.

  • It can never be made available or registered for any illegal purposes or vulgar content.
  • It is best suited for commercial purposes in Pakistan.
  • All companies and organizations situated in Pakistan have the complete authority to get .com.pk domain.
  • The domestic domain used by local people serves domestic business, can also be used by international people but at slightly higher prices.
  • All reseller of PKNIC has the authority to register .com.pk domain.
  • The second level of country code can be registered by anyone in the world.