The Involvement of simplicity in Web Design UI


The Involvement of simplicity in Web Design UI


Web Design User Interface(UI) is the first thing the visitor sees as the homepage of the site greets him, In that split second the user will decide if he wants to continue to explore the site or not. UI should be made simple, which would allow the users to navigate through the site more easily and to make it look more appealing to the users, hence gaining users’ interest.

Oversized Elements:

Making the elements larger makes it more prominent and appealing for the user. This can be applied to anything from bold typography to images, videos, and to even the menu icons are being made bigger. Oversized elements make the user understand the website in a single glance, the website looks more diverse and user-friendly.

Add Quality and Credibility to your Design

Never comprise the content for the website design or advertisements. Even though you have high-quality content, and the content is being sullied by the website design, you will not gain a lot of traffic that is the reason nowadays many websites do not have high traffic. Remember, in priority, content overlaps the website design. So designing should be done according to the content makes it more viable.


Simple Design gives more Exposure to Features:

The worth is made of the website when the user starts using its features. Simple Design makes the website easier to navigate through the site’s features and its content. Users are impatient, so they do not like to scroll around the site for far too long to find their desired product, feature, settings, etc. This problem is dealt with by the simple design of the website, which also leads to gaining more traffic.


Minimalism is the new trend for websites. Nowadays, minimalism does not consist only of flat-based elements, but text-based Design, monochromatic colors, and grid layouts are being used to attract a very high number of users to the website. Minimalism has many new elements to add in this day & age, which makes it look more classic and advanced.

Liquid Animations:

Every website nowadays contains some kind of liquid-style animation. Liquid style animation is the transition of video elements, when the user hovers over them or clicks it, to enter into the design. Users find it satisfying; it must be smooth and realistic to give the best feeling to the user. Many varieties of liquid-style animations are being introduced in the market. The website design should be similar to the liquid style animation that makes the website more intimate for the users.