Top 4 Small-Scale Python Hosting Services in 2021

Top 4 Small-Scale Python Hosting Services in 2021

There are only a few choices available when it comes to hosting your Python app despite its reputation and worth. However, in order to make the most out of the hosting plan. You will have to select a reliable and secure platform for better availability of small-scale Python Hosting in 2021.

A trustworthy Python hosting provider would save you from pain, frustration, and waste of time that you might encounter if using a poor-performing site. Moreover, if the internet is vulnerable, it will protect your website from all kinds of malware, phishing campaigns, and several other threats.

Let us look at some of the trustworthy small-scale Python hosting platforms for the applications.


Navicosoft has been assisting its customers since 2008 with large-scale and small-scale Python hosting. It is among the most reliable and cheap Python hosting providers who strive to mark its existence alive with remarkable expertise. It ensures you with the most powerful servers so that all your information remains secure. Furthermore, it has proficiency in delivering the incomparable Python hosting at an insane speed. It has dominant enterprise SSD servers, due to which it does not only have powerful servers but also speed. Therefore it makes sure you get significantly improved websites’ speed.

With Navicosoft, you get an exceptional Python hosting with a pre-installed framework for completely optimized for the finest performance. Moreover, it delivers a full range of applications which is apt enough for Python developers since it contains module installation and performance monitoring. It has one of the most planned approaches for defending your identity. It delivers the most suitable solutions for entrepreneurs, startups, and numerous ventures demanding offshore hosting. 



  • Navicosoft offers you web hosting services through safe and fast-speed SSD servers and has established an internationally trusted online web hosting network.
  • It offers you a capable support team that is available 24/7 to assist you with all your inquiries.
  • Navicosoft, as a prominent name among web-hosting providers. It ensures to deliver up to 99.99% of uptime.
  • It makes the procedure of Python app installation a very apt step for you. You can install the python application with only a few clicks. It ensures to support your app exactly from the beginning till the end.
  • It provides a free website migration to all the new customers who wish to migrate the website on their servers.
  • Navicosoft delivers periodic backups to ensure that the data is never lost. Its free backup choice assists you in reestablishing your account, databases, emails, and the account’s statistics.


You can build Python apps and APIs by using Django, Tornado, Twisted, Falcon, and API Star. Hence, you can effortlessly manage, deploy, and scale your apps using a very simple procedure. You can deploy apps from CI systems, Git, or GitHub. Heroku operates all the apps in a secure, dynamic, and smart container. Therefore you select a preferable Python version for Python hosting. Manage the app from a comprehensive dashboard or by using CLI.

By consuming the App Metrics, you will be able to monitor CPU, response time, and memory for identifying the errors. You can also regulate the right time to scale up your site by viewing the dashboard figures. In this way, you can see that all the deployments are free for the previous versions.

You can also achieve event log collections for the significant behavior of your applications. In addition to this, you can build MVC web applications using Python, flexible applications with Pyramid, headless worker applications, and lightweight APIs using Flask.



  • Heroku’s structure is managed using Amazon’s secure data centers.
  • It is very easy to update, upload, and deploy a project very efficiently.
  • Heroku is multilingual among all the hosting providers so that you can pick the language you require.
  • It has data centers in Europe and the USA.
  • Heroku delivers efficient support services.
  • It is convenient to get to the bottom of its necessities.



  • It costs even more than other VPS if you want to grow bigger.
  • As long as Heroku provides its own structural solutions, it might be perplexing to change to another server.


DigitalOcean is undoubtedly a decent small-scale Python hosting competitor to Google Amazon Web Service, Cloud Platform, and Azure, particularly for large-scale businesses.

This cloud service platform is a rationally good Python hosting provider specifically in terms of simplicity, security, and fast load times (with SSD storage and eight datacenters). It also offers a spontaneous interface and upfront setup. Mainly, it is correspondingly apt for newbies and knowledgeable businesses with simple needs.



  • DigitalOcean has a modest, user-friendly setup.
  • There are no secret charges for additional services you will not know about.
  • DigitalOcean retains 9 data centers in the USA, Singapore, UK, the Netherlands.
  • 24/7 exceptional support.
  • It provides an affordable pricing policy.
  • You get a 60-day trial of free cloud-based hosting.



  • Covering numerous aspects, DigitalOcean does not even have clear shortcomings. It is both respectable in terms of coverage and pricing.


Hetzner is basically a Germany-based organization with its data centers in Germany and Finland. If you visit their website for the first time, you will notice its old web design. However, it does not stop the company from delivering a huge range of services, which includes SSL certificates, vServers, domain registration, dedicated servers, unlimited bandwidth, storage box, and others. Overall, Hetzner is a complete solution for those trying to understand the hosting specs. Therefore they exactly know what they want to get from them.

Hetzner is extensively used by Leoni, Showmax, Outdooractive, Autodoc, Bitdefender, etc.



  • It undoubtedly has the most reasonable packages for both small and large-scale plans.
  • It has a partnership with Dell and Intel, which indicates high quality a software.
  • Hetzner provides free domain and SSL.
  • It has an image that is convenient to configure.
  • Hetzner is comparatively scalable.
  • Support is free and accessible 24/7.



  • Trying to get support from the team on-call outside of Germany might be costly.
  • It delivers an uncooperative web interface and a very restricted control panel.
  • Hetzner does not provide an uptime guarantee.
  • No repayment in case of server failure.
  • They do not have data centers in the USA.
  • Technical certification is available only in the native language, i.e., German.

Final Remarks:

The versatility, user-friendly design, learning curve, and many other attributes of Python force developers to simply implement all the tasks, even the complex ones. Therefore, it boosts the power by implementing it with a high-performing hosting to get the most out of small-scale Python hosting.

Certainly, Navicosoft ranks on best among all the four small-scale Python hosting providers in 2021. This is because it offers you affordable Python hosting with the best quality. Since it is very affordable, this is one of the apt reasons for the success. In addition to this, it offers you some of the excellent features that are worth considering. Navicosoft makes all the essential efforts to strengthen your online presence with the finest features for small-scale Python hosting to eventually settle your online existence.