Top 5 languages for Web development in 2021


Top 5 languages for Web development in 2021

Computers and other technological gadgets are the need of this digitalized era. So it does not matter if it is a website, mobile app, or software, the Web products development is indispensable. Although development and designing have been around for more than three decades, the projects’ needs and complexity have evolved a lot. For instance, interactive and dynamic websites.

For this reason, the programming languages have progressed as well. That being said, there is a galore of languages, each with its own specifications; purpose, keywords, syntax, etc. So let’s have a check at the top 5 languages for Web development in 2021.

Individuals who are opting to thrive as web developers must learn the listed languages. Furthermore, the people looking for a web developer or a Website Development Company should at least have an understanding of the languages trends before hiring one. So if you have just started your career as a web developer or want to start it, or are an individual looking for developers, this post is perfect for you. Stay stick right to the closure.


JavaScript, no doubt, is the most popular programming language for development worldwide and one of the principal technology that is the foundation of the World Wide Web. Basically, JavaScript is a “Front End” language, designing interactive front-end applications.
JavaScript has flexible syntax, is beginner-friendly, and works across all major browsers. Also, excellent frameworks and libraries, React.JS, Node.JSAngularJS, etc., have JavaScript behind the scenes.
However, among the features that make JavaScript achieve these awards, a noticeable one is that it can work for both server-side and client-side. How? Node.JS is a JavaScript-based run-time environment, when used along with JavaScript, makes a single programming language enough for server-side and client-side scripts.
Therefore, most developers prefer this language over the others, for instance, for web servers, games, smartwatch apps, and software. In addition, websites like Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, Google have JavaScript at their front-end.



Python is second to none, too, when it comes to languages for web development in 2021. At present, Python is serving for web development, data science, scripting, and developing AI and machine learning-based and scalable web applications.
Python is versatile, fast, and one of the easiest languages to learn coding/ programming. It is easy-to-use and has plenty of helpful tools, frameworks, and libraries; Django, Flask, etc. Besides, extensive community support is another benefit.
Python can work for both Front-End and Back-end development. However, it seems to be an ideal backend language following its code readability and libraries/ frameworks. In addition, Python is famous for its dynamic typing capabilities to create extensive and complex websites (dynamics) pretty easily. Websites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Netflix, Dropbox, Mozilla have a partial contribution of Python too. 


Android development has changed the development industry a lot with its demand, and Java is more than perfect for Android App Development. Moreover, Java is excellent for the backend. So, Java is in use for android and enterprise-scale web applications and server-side coding.
Java is an outstandingly stable and secure web-centric language and has many well-kept libraries, frameworks, APIs, and IDEs. In short, it is well-established, flexible, and powerful. Besides, its boundless versatility gives rise to write once and run anywhere option. Moreover, it is scalable vertically and horizontally with minimal code changes and has high cross-platform compatibility.
Java fuels the faster response times for websites with its multi-threading (handling multiple users/ threads simultaneously), saving from executing the same code multiple times on a server. All these features together draw developers’ attention to prefer it.
Websites like Uber, Airbnb, Google, Netflix, Pinterest, Instagram, Spotify, Amazon, eBay, Ali Express, etc., partially have Java in their development stack.


PHP is abbreviated for Hypertext Preprocessor and is another prevalent backend programming language in web development. Typically, PHP is in use for creating simple/ dynamic websites and fully functional web applications.

PHP is a secure, fast, easy-to-use & learn, and open-source language. We can say PHP is powering millions of websites as WordPress is running on PHP. Similar is the case for many other content management systems like Drupal.

Like other languages for Web development in 2021, PHP also has several frameworks like Laravel, modules, and libraries for dynamic software development. In addition, various third-party extensions, for instance, Apache, .NET, and MySQL, support PHP. Also, alongside HTML, PHP can output images, PDF files, text, and even animations as well.

Websites like WordPress, Yahoo, Facebook, Wikipedia, Tumblr, etc., are based on PHP.


The other two principal technologies of the World Wide Web are HTML and CSS, with the third one being JavaScript. That is, creating web pages.
HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language; similarly, CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet.
Wondering why we write two languages are in a pair?
As the name suggests, HTML works to build the structure while CSS provides the style; front end of the websites. That is why their pair is famous. It means both languages are the foundation to build custom websites, and you can’t move forward with having them in your hand. Thus, these two are the necessity of every Website Development Company. Building the site infrastructure with these two, later, you can tweak your website the way you want. Also, both languages, HTML, and CSS are easy to learn and even master. Therefore, the current version of both languages, HTML5 and CSS3, has been added to this list.

Final Words!

The top five languages in the 2021 list include Python, Java, PHP, JavaScript, and HTML/ CSS.

Listing only five doesn’t mean that the other programming languages aren’t helpful. Instead, every language has its own purpose and functionality. For instance, the Front End & Backend Web Developer sometimes has to use specific languages.

Also, remember, you don’t have to learn all the coding and programming languages listed here and others (not mentioned here) to be called a web developer—however, your command and ability to handle the issues matter. So now, decide on the language(s) considering the level of ease, your capabilities, requisites, and preferences.

The languages that are on top in 2021 might vary in the following year with the emergence of a new or another language. However, all these programming languages for Web development in 2021 are never going anywhere in the near future; it seems so.