Top 5 the best server management provider in Pakistan


The market for managed service grew to USD 219.59 billion, which is expected to reach up to USD 557.10 billion by 2028. The market owes its growth to the ever-growing needs of small, medium, and large businesses for the services. A good server management provider facilitates the companies at various levels, such as helping against the security breach, and supplements the additional policies, protocols, and multiple procedures ensuring compliance. Furthermore, joining hands with the best server management provider helps you improve the overall profitability and uptime with top-notch backup, cloud computing, remote monitoring & management, and disaster recovery. In short, employing a top-notch managed IT services company is a proactive approach to maintain its IT infrastructure. To help you gain these benefits, you must go through some of Pakistan’s top-notch server management services.


1. Navicosoft

The company has successfully managed an over-decade long history of providing the best server management and quality IT solutions. Furthermore, Navicosoft continues to expand its team of server management professionals to ensure the smooth flow of operations such as management, updating, and monitoring tasks on the server. The most distinguishing feature for server management is its affordable prices. Other than the cheap rates, it would help if you looked into Navicosoft as the best server management provider for the following reasons.

  • A well-managed successful history of serving in the server management and hosting industry.
  • The fantastic communication by the expert team helps you with the IT needs throughout your business journey.
  • The company offers experienced and certified team support 24/7.
  • You can find the experts of all server types in one place.
  • When you sign up with them, they fulfill their promise of providing you the uninterruptable services with guaranteed no downtime.
  • You can find various payment methods. Moreover, they may also gift you with some discount if you’d like to buy more than one service from them.

2. iWhost

The company stands out as the best server management and facilitates the businesses with their managed services, including management, administration, support, and the monitoring of servers. With iWhost, you can find help for all the types of cPanel servers. Founded as the “Web Technologies Pakistan” in 2012, the company has successfully grown its name in the industry as iWhost Pakistan in 2014.

Since then, providing the best and easiest solutions and timely responses, iWhost has managed to stand among the top-ranked server management services in Pakistan.

  • Once you have taken this professional team on board, you will be informed of the downtime well before time. Furthermore, it resolves the issue right in time so that your website stays up and you may have no loss of traffic.
  • The skilled technicians keep a keen check on the server security and apply the security patches when and where needed.
  • The company provides complete cPanel support, cPanel backend software support, and above all, it promises you a 24-hour resolution time guarantee.
  • Most importantly, you will have their word for technical support available 24/7/365.
  • Moreover, the company does not charge any setup or hidden fees. It does not bind its clients into any contracts instead promises a seven-day money-back guarantee.

As for the best server management, iWhost offers the following services to its client.

  •  Apache Security Management
  • Server Security Management
  • Building Apache
  • Upgrading Server
  • Apache (HTTP) Optimization
  • Mod Security Installation
  • Rootkit Scanning
  • Apache Modules Installation
  • Mod Security Configuration
  • PHP Tightening / Security
  • Software Installations
  • Virus and Malware Scanning
  • Analyzing Log Files
  • CSF firewall installation and configuration
  • Upgrading MySQL
  • Clearing Disk space by removing temporary files and old log files.
  • Securing Brute Force
  • Kernel Patching
  • Optimizing MySQL
  • Creating and configuring Auto Backups
  • Hard Disk Tweaking
  • Increasing RAM and CPU Efficiency.

3. Nexus 

One of the most primitive setups in the industries is the Nexus, founded in 1998 and has maintained its name among the good server management providers in Pakistan. Starting with only web hosting, Nexus expanded its area of expertise gradually.

Now it provides top-notch facilities such as shared hosting, cloud hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, and managed services. Moreover, the well-experienced team of the company offers the best hosting and server management solutions for both Linux and Windows. As a result, the company steps ahead of the competition as the best managed IT services provider. 

The company offers two types of packages; essential management and advanced management. As for an insight into the package’s specifications, the team takes care of the following in the basic package for the best server management.

  •  Serve OS install
  • Network
  • Power
  • Bandwidth
  • Basic server configuration one time
  • Server patches/ updates
  • Application-level firewall
  • Basic server monitoring
  • Website hosting monitoring
  • Implementation of webserver security, including PHP mod security
  • Basic server security one time
  • Backup services – addon
  • PHP, MySQL, Apache versions upgrade
  • Implementation of firewalls and custom rules
  • Resources usage analysis and recommendations
  • Server vulnerability scanning
  • Front end content cache solutions including light speed, Nginx, and varnish proxies
  • Webserver hardening
  • Server OS hardening
  • Shopping carts including XEN, CS, and Xcart
  • WordPress, Joomla, and other CMS


Hence, if you are looking for a team with the best server management skills that promise you performance, reliability, and control, Nexus should be your choice.

4. Corvit

Serving for about 21 years, Corvit Networks (Pvt) Ltd has made its name in networking products, services, solutions, and trained human resources. Currently, Corvit is the best managed IT services provider that spans over the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) spectrum.

It provides the best IT services across various industries such as a bank, FMCG, or an enterprise with its myriad of collaborations with the top IT brands including Ubuntu, Barracuda, Cisco, Huawei, Microsoft, VMware, IBM, etc. Our professional and expert team aims to help you in designing, building, and maintaining custom, reliable, innovative IT solutions at affordable prices. In addition, the networks offer you the following services.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning & Customer Relationship Management solutions
  • Multi-layered approach for network security
  • Information risk analysis and its management
  • Unified communication integration
  • Improving the design and configuration of routers to reduce the cost and complexity
  • Advanced routing and switching solution
  • Plan, design, deploy and maintain data centers and server rooms that integrate the crucial infrastructure tech.
  • Implementation of SAN solution for managing the large data volumes.
  • Provision of Products & Services for Establishing Cloud Infrastructure
  • Ready-to-use Cloud Services of RACKSPACE
  • Network Function Virtualization
  • Virtualization & Consolidation
  • Services on OpenStack & Open Flow
  • Incorporation of IP video surveillance, attendance solutions, and biometric access control.

Notably, Corvit Networks (Pvt) Ltd. stands out as Pakistan’s leading network design and security surveillance organization.

5. Smart Coders

The youngest of all, small coders established in 2016 have earned their name among the best server management providers in Pakistan in no time. Starting as a website development agency of three, it soon ventured on making up its professional android and iOS team, including developers, designers, and professional website security experts.

Based in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, the company aims to facilitate you with top-notch and innovative software and IT solutions, a perfect match to be the best managed IT services company on this listThis team of young aspirants offers you the following services with a promise of quality, and reliable services.

  • The reality augmented iOS applications that help you get social with physical tacking, machine learning.
  • Amazingly interactive design and highly professional development of website with security surveillance.
  • Software development
  • Web security
  • Desktop applications

Last but not the least, the smart coders aim to contribute to the value creation in the digital world by serving as a best server management body that transforms its products into services and the value into platform and data.