Top 8 Companies Using Node Js in 2021

Node.js resolves several production challenges, especially for top organizations. Some of these are platform-related, whereas others depend on resource utilization. Among them, Linkedin, Netflix, and Paypal have saved up to 60% of the loading time by using Node Js in 2021., which is a famous tool for identifying internet speed, is itself using Node Js. However, among all others, superior developer productivity, higher app performance, and lower development cost are some of the best reasons why companies are using Node Js in 2021.


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Companies Using Node Js in 2021:

Here are some of the top companies successfully using Node Js in 2021.


LinkedIn is a networking site specially designed for professionals. It is immensely suitable for people searching for good career options, especially those who want to be noticed by good companies. Similarly, there are corporations that are searching for competitive candidates. Therefore they open positions on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn was initially being operated on Ruby on Rails, but it switched to Node Js in late 2011. The reason was primarily that LinkedIn developers were searching to optimize their mobile app since now everything is written exclusively on Node.js.

After this big apparent change, they were able to significantly cut down on the server resources, and in this way app was able to run 20 times much faster than its precursor. As a result, HTML5 played a significant role in LinkedIn’s mobile application development.



PayPal is basically an online platform that is used for making electronic payments by using a reliable service. In addition, PayPal is using Node Js in 2021 for building user-facing content.

Initially, PayPal was functioning on Javascript transition, but it reduced the loading time, and there were emerging payment processing concerns. Their engineers were experts at JAVA, but since Javascript was front-end, numerous differences were arising in the development procedure. Hence in 2013, PayPal made this big decision to migrate from Java to Node Js. It was among the first companies to take this step.

The PayPal software team is now using Node.js to empower its developers in building both server-side and client-side using JavaScript. Therefore it unites the developer experience and makes it helpful in the whole development process.


NASA stands for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. It is a US Government-sponsored department accountable for the procedure of research and exploration of matters related to space. Moreover, NASA is among the aeronautics pioneers who are encountering difficulties in combining the discrete legacy databases which are associated with EVA Spacesuits. Hence it made it difficult for scientists to access databases specifically for research purposes. In addition, data access was slow through several locations for attaining the data for proper research purposes.

Microservices is an aspect of Node js where developers can successfully look for app development by offering the software as a group of small services rather than an independent unit. Therefore by using such features, NASA was able to move the enterprise to the cloud.


Walmart is one of the large American retail enterprises that is operating numerous grocery and department stores all over the world. Being one of the companies using Node.js, Walmart uses this framework for UIs and orchestration layer for creating application programming interfaces (APIs) for the company’s application.

Orchestration layers allow the developers to incorporate several applications as well as those services together. 

In short, Walmart application users are now able to use this one platform for accessing numerous distinct functions.


Uber is a taxi service for users who want to go somewhere fast but are anxious about the overestimated prices of yellow cabs. Therefore, users who are working for Uber have to go through background checks, which is why it is very safe and reliable.

Of several companies using Node Js in 2021, Uber was among the first ones to use such a framework for fully extending it by structuring the Uber platform in Node.js. There are several reasons why Uber is using Node Js in 2021. First, fast processing speed, the convenience of error-checking, and constant development help the open-source community.


Yahoo was among the first and leading web directories for searching sports, medical information, news, finance information, and more. This role then extended to email as well as search engine services. Front-end development is the basic use of Node Js development for Yahoo since it is tremendously scalable and guarantees high performance.

It is not astonishing to know that Yahoo Food, Yahoo Life, and Yahoo Answers all are using Node Js in 2021. Yahoo is definitely an early adopter when it comes to technology into production, initiating from Node version 0.8.


GoDaddy is among the world’s largest web hosting companies and domain name providers, using Node Js. Enterprises approach GoDaddy for hosting their websites and registering their domain names on the Internet.

The back-end infrastructure relies on Node Js Senior Software Developer. In order to maintain everything, it uses the ability to make the best quality apps and releases the latest features very quickly. GoDaddy switched to Node Js in 2016 when they restructured their website. The main priority was to decrease the server load employed by using the Website Builder platform, reducing the overall cost, and delivering better performance to the customers. Moreover, Node Js provides a very practical approach for testing, NPM resources, and REST.


Medium is a famous online platform for publishing articles using a huge variety of content. Moreover, Medium developers successfully create their app servers using Node js complemented by the webserver NGINX. As a result, the Medium team gets the tremendous privilege of sharing code among the server-side as well as client-side. They are also able to speed up their deployment time by a massive change of 15 minutes.


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