Top ASP NET Hosting Providers in 2021


Top ASP NET Hosting Providers in 2021

ASP NET framework allows the developers to create dynamic sites and apps. Any developer who is already familiar with Windows server is definitely going to opt for one of the top ASP NET hosting providers. You can operate ASP NET on Windows and Linux plans. However, Windows plans are optimizable and well-matched with ASP NET projects. Moreover, you can explore ASP NET hosting providers for associating SQL databases, including Microsoft SQL database (MSSQL).

The top ASP NET hosting providers make it available for modern versions with several supporting features. If you are finding ASP NET hosting providers and unaware of which one to opt for. Don’t worry even if you have to choose among various ASP NET hosting providers because here is your guide to picking the best one among all the ASP.NET hosting providers.

Navicosoft is among the top ASP NET hosting providers. It delivers you a turbocharged hosting platform to fulfill your hosting requirements. Now you can host all your apps using the most economical ASP NET MVC Hosting. In addition, the best ASP NET hosting provides you an open framework for deploying several apps built-in .NET.

Hence you will be able to build dynamic websites, apps, and games using the .NET framework without encountering any reluctance. It is because it delivers you the fully featured and comparatively much low-priced dot net core hosting. In addition to this, it provides you with feature-rich, affordable, and the best ASP NET hosting.

They give you the best experience for your ASP NET applications. Now you can scale up your applications using our Windows Hosting servers using the managed platform to get the preeminent infrastructure maintenance, load balancing, etc. Besides some of the amazing features, we ensure to provide you instant activation.

User-Friendly Control Panel

Navicosoft provides an exceptional and feature-rich control panel with your ASP NET MVC hosting. It gives you complete IIS management, email setup management, and various other features to give you the best user experience.


Navicosoft comprises in-house security solutions along with their ASP NET hosting packages. It makes sure to detect all kinds of attacks and take appropriate measures for replicating all kinds of errors and security issues. In addition, it contains a built-in database, machine learning firewalls, automatic virus scanners, and a lot more.

One-click installation

Now you can install all the numerous useful applications on your web server conveniently. Their ASP NET MVC hosting comprises a simple one-click easy installation process for all the famous and challenging applications, including Magento, Nopcommerce, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal DotNetNuke, BlogEngine, etc.

Data Backups

Each day the website backup tool helps you to secure all your data by keeping a backup of your website. Therefore you can restore your data using only one click since they give you a proper data backup facility. Hence in case even if you lose your data anytime, we make sure to keep a copy of it.

Secure Email Management

Navicosoft offers you safe IMAP/POP emails even with the shared hosting platform. Therefore, Email deliverance is definitely not an issue that you will have to face with this company. They are experts at processing your emails through a proper gateway server. In this way, they make sure that the message gets delivered to the other party.

Customer Support

Their clients are immensely important to them. Therefore they provide instant support. You do not even have to worry about your hosting or any kinds of issues while operating your application. All you need to do is talk to their team so that you can instantly solve your issues immediately, without any extra charges.


Interserver is among the oldest companies that were established in 1999. It has an expert staff with numerous data centers and technologies, and they are performing remarkably suitable for satisfying your customer’s needs. Shared hosting is a reasonable way of ASP NET hosting server, but it might not be apt for simple projects with restricted traffic because of shared resources. However, if you need a more strong solution for guaranteed resources, VPS is the best option.

InterServer is among the best ASP NET hosting providers where you can successfully introduce windows servers using various types of hosting. You can either select shared, VPS, or even dedicated hosting according to your requirements.


The finest economical way of getting an ASP NET MVC Hosting is shared hosting since you can initiate from just $5/month. However, shared hosting comprises a server that is shared among multiple users at a very low price.

The basic plan comprises data transfer, unlimited storage, and email accounts. It permits you to host more than 25 sites on one account. However, you can easily develop anything, whether it is a website or application utilizing MS SQL various PHP versions, ASP.NET, Perl, Python, and SSI.

Compared with shared hosting, VPS plans are comparatively expensive when it comes to pricing. However, it gives you a fully virtual environment with immense control over the server. Moreover, Interserver windows VPS lets the users reboot as well as reinstall the operating system.

Fully Managed

The good aspect is that the support team offers a fully managed environment for providing ultra-fast and optimizable services for performance. Moreover, you are able to manage these hosting features, which include the Plesk panel. The plan also allows you to take advantage of many other valuable features, including Spam filtering, free Cloudflare, weekly backups, and an easy WordPress installer.


In order to increase the website security, which ultimately helps in increasing the search engine ranking. Moreover, they also offer you a free SSL certificate, which you can use with simply no coding from the Plesk panel. Every VPS plan comes with automatic updates, 1GB port, Static IP address, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. After you purchase the account, you can operate your hosting account with all the Windows server features.

Customer Support

Interserver makes sure they are available through phone, live chat, and ticketing systems considering the customer queries. They offer you complete support even with an operating system. The team ensures that every windows server is able to get the latest OS and Windows firewall features.

Final Verdict!

Navicosoft definitely ranks number one among the two top ASP NET hosting providers. They offer you three days trial as well as a money-back guarantee, whereas InterServer does not. Navicosoft has a professional team comprising of technical experts who are available 24/7. They provide you with fully trusted and the best ASP NET hosting with above 99.9% of the uptime at a reasonable price.