Top five digital companies in Australia | 2021

Top five digital companies in Australia | 2021

Digital companies are playing well to shore up and establish a robust presence in this digital pavilion for various online businesses. However, deciding the ideal one from this galore of agencies in Australia can be pretty complicated. So we have sort out a list of Top five digital companies in Australia to make your right decision a bit easier.

What have we analyzed to review these Digital Agencies?

The attributes that we have considered to rank these digital companies include:

  • The reputation of the company
  • Field experience.
  • Provided services and features.
  • Client Satisfaction

Top five digital companies in Australia


Navicosoft has been in business since 2008 and has established its pace and place as the leading digital company. The agency is a full-service digital studio based in Australia with field experience of more than 13 years and thousands of customers globally. Navicosoft offers all you need to survive and thrive in the online market, whether you are an SMB (small to medium-size business) or enterprise.

It provides extensive Web Hosting services for Linux & Windows servers, including Shared Hosting, VPS HostingDedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting, all CMS-based Hosting (WordPress), and Apps Hosting alongside the Domain registration with security and licensing.

In addition to the above, it sets forth unique and jaw-dropping Web Design and Website Development in conjunction with the Logo and Business Stationery Design to contour your branding. Moreover, Navicosoft, being a prodigious Digital company, serves for Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, SEO Services, Content Marketing, Google Ads, and Business Email Solutions.

It ensures engaging content, Higher SEO rankings, and sales-driving social media services fueled with website analytics and reporting. These people know how to draw high traffic and boost website performance and conversions rates. Also, the company constantly upgrades its technology, services, and solutions to streamline the business’s speedy growth for all niche companies following the latest trends.

Navicosoft is a Google Partner agency, Facebook Marketing Partner, Microsoft Partner, AWS Partner, and encompass many other partnerships like SmarterMail, CloudLinux, Plesk, etc.

Navicosoft understands the unique business needs. That is why it renders the client-tailored solutions in all aspects, from hosting to marketing. Furthermore, it has reasonable prices for all services it offers, so no need to hit the bank to hire the company. The remarkable part is the excellent performance at what they do. Services reliability and 100 % Clientele satisfaction is their hallmark. So their customers are always happy to work with them again.

Projects: Exquisite Designer, Alsa, Cosmeticoplasty, PriceGage, Technology Works, Designergy, SPARCO Paints, Hyundai, and others.

So, Navicosoft is your choice to go if you are looking forward to working with a one-stop digital agency with a goal-oriented team for website solutions and top-notch marketing.


The next in line in the Top five digital companies in Australia is Uplers.

Uplers has been in business since 2012 as a global outsourcing company and is quite famous as a leading Digital Marketing Agency. The field experience seems to be adequate. However, considering the staff it owns, it is one of the largest digital companies all around the world.

It provides design services, front-end development, and exclusive WordPress Development Services. The distinct feature from other companies is that it provides custom HubSpot Website Development Services along with the migration.

The marketing services entail Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine MarketingGoogle Ads, full-fledged Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram. LinkedIn, Twitter).

Furthermore, it bestows Google Maps Optimization, tailored Email Marketing, Salesforce Marketing, and marketing automation solutions with result-driving campaign execution and management to boost sales opportunities and increase conversions.

Uplers is a Certified HubSpot Development Agency, Google Partner, Facebook Marketing Partner, Bing Partner, and has won many awards.

The company has a massive workforce comprised of industry experts. The people here have a unique working style concerning the services. You can associate on contract-based projects, or clients can also hire their offshore remote teams as in-house staff.

The service charges are affordable, flexible, and customized per customer. The clientele base satisfaction rate is also pretty good, driving the interest of new people and companies to work with them.

Projects: Disney, National Geographic, Oracle, DHL, Amazon, Weight Watchers, Ribs & Burgers, Airtasker, JXT.


Luminary is another outstanding Digital Marketing Company started in 1999 and is in third place among the Top five digital companies in Australia. The company has 22 years of field experience.

Luminary also furnishes Web Hosting services for all small businesses to organizational needs. It deals explicitly with the cloud solutions with Microsoft Azure’s PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service). Luminary also secures the position of being the most seasoned implementer of ASP.NET websites. So individuals with the ASP.NET website can leverage the best hosting for their business.

As far as website solution are concerned, it caters to UX, Website Design, Website Development, and ongoing support and maintenance services. However, Luminary’s most noticeable feature is its high-end experience in content management platforms like Kentico, Sitecore, HubSpot, and more.

Furthermore, it offers comprehensive digital strategy and digital transformation for the companies looking to establish their credibility in digital space-time. Additionally, Content services include content strategies, generation, and audit services. Email marketing solutions are also provided.

The company excels in serving the diverse sectors and Government and Non-Government, Profit, and non-profit organizations. Its niche experts cover industries including Education, Health, Tourism and Hospitality, Financial, Manufacturing, Property, e-commerce and retail, and so forth.

Luminary is an award-winning company with a heap of achievements, Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner and Kentico Xperience Gold Partner company.

Famous brands and businesses being happy clients stamp the seal on the customer satisfaction rate of Luminary. You will definitely be impressed by the strategic approach and results crafted by the staff at the company to let companies achieve their business goals. Further, services Cost is relatively high. However, the quality of the services and patronage contentment interestingly balances out the expensiveness.

Projects: Melbourne Airport, NGS Super, The Fred Hollows, Mercedes Benz, UNICEF Australia, Save the Children.

Emote Digital


Emote Digital, established in 2001, is also one of the top five digital companies in Australia. The company has been serving many businesses all over the world and has field experience of 21 years.

The company provides creative Website Design and Web Development Services and specializes in eCommerce solutions. Its WordPress services are pretty good too. The powerful websites it delivers are second to none in aesthetics, functionality, and Optimization.

In addition, Emote Digital offers a full suite of services that companies need for business transformation and online success. The services include SEOContent WritingSocial Media Marketing, Copywriting, and Online Advertising.

The expert staff engenders result-driven digital tactics for Social advertising, platform advertising, search engine advertising, social media management Marketing to accelerate your revenue streams. Besides, it offers fantastic analytics and SEO monitoring to help you optimize your site’s performance. Moreover, you can expect customized campaigns and Email Marketing Services personalized to your requirements.

Moreover, Emote Digital is a MailChimp Partner Agency, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Premium Partner, and Australia’s only Gold Certified WooCommerce partner. These partnerships trigger Emote’s support for client businesses with the latest tools.

They have a bit expensive prices of the services somehow more than the rest of the digital companies. However, Emote Digital provides excellent value for money for online businesses with its comprehensively excellent services. Moreover, this company has a palate full of happy customers with its design and measurable marketing services.

Projects: Globe, Puma, Suzuki, Erstwilder, SEEK Business, Brown Brothers, Sutton Tools, Ego.


Farsiight entered the business arena in 2017 and is a small agency dealing with digital practices. Based on a few employees and a miniature field experience, it has dashed ahead its name as one of the top five digital companies in Australia quite faster than other firms.

Farsiight is an outright agency for business growth in a data-driven landscape excelling in eCommerce Marketing, SaaS Marketing, and Marketplace Marketing. As a result, eCommerce and retailer businesses can expect to spike up their revenue and top the charts over their competitors smoothly.

The people called themselves the performance marketing specialists for online businesses. The out-and-out PPC Marketing focusing on Google and Bing Ads and social media marketing with impact-driven strategies is unique to the company.

Farsiight is a Google Partner, Facebook Marketing Partner, and Shopify partner and has secured plenty of awards ‘like Top Design Firms.’ In addition, it holds exclusive partnerships with global software companies.

A good aspect of the company is it empowers and values the client communication a lot. Besides, it imparts the creative and performance-proven tools and plans to drive the customers’ business prosperity.

Projects: Plant Miners, Sleepy Sundays, Truck IT, Bare, Felix, Carton Cloud, Power Diary.

Wrapping Up!

All firms listed as the top five digital companies in Australia are providing the best of best services. However, Navicosoft’s services reliability and client satisfaction rate are skyrocketing. Thus, Navicosoft undoubtedly is the number one choice to let a business stand above the crowd.