Top Magento Security Tips for Secure Ecommerce Store

While starting an eCommerce store, you can use Magento. However, the key issue is to bother how to secure the Magento website. Magento comes with influential built-in security aspects. Therefore you definitely need to do something to build up your site based on Magento security tips to keep it away from all the potential attacks or data loss.

Even if it is one of the most dominant eCommerce platforms powering more than 250,000 active websites, it also comprises several security risks. According to the modern Magento security report published by TechRadar, more than 87 percent of the eCommerce stores operating on Magento comprise high risks of cyberattacks.

There has been immense growth in the e-commerce industry in the past two decades. Among all the e-commerce development platforms, Magento is most commended among all the online merchants that have rapidly grown. Nevertheless, there is a dark side to it as well. The e-commerce stores have been encountering attacks from hackers. The major reason behind such cyber-attacks is the setup, management, and security of the sites.

Internet frauds are becoming tremendously ubiquitous. Therefore customers do not essentially trust the aspect of online store. Even online business owners encounter such risks of getting targeted by malicious customers. Therefore, it can result in a huge loss due to credit card chargebacks and refunds demanded by the customers who are pretending to never receive such kinds of orders. Here are some of the important Magento security tips to protect your eCommerce store from attackers.

Install an SSL Certificate For Your Ecommerce Website Store

There are several effective reasons why you will need an SSL certificate for your site. It helps you with the Google ranking as well as improves the customer confidence who are shopping on the site. Therefore it is essential for any eCommerce store owner.

Considering the security aspect, a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate is designed to encode all the data which is shared on the site. Therefore, if you want to install it on your Magento eCommerce store, it encrypts all the personal data, such as credit card particulars and login data, which is shared on the site. Therefore, it is a critical aspect in keeping such information away from the reach of online attackers searching to steal it. Hence it stops in committing several crimes.

Use Magento Scan Tool For Scanning

It is not easy to spot security risks on the eCommerce store by only looking at them. Hence Magento security tips developers clearly understand it. Hence they have introduced Magento free scanning tool. This kind of tool comes with several security tools specifically designed to make it very convenient to do an automatic Magento security scan. During such kind of routine scans, it explicitly helps you to review the security of your store. Hence it sends real-time alerts in case if there is any detection of suspicious activity on the website.

Use Strong Passwords:

A password helps in accessing the website. If online attackers get access to your passwords, they would never waste any time using them to access your website maliciously. You will never want the user data to get stolen, nor will you want it to be locked out of your website. Hence the best approach will be to avoid it by using strong passwords, which are very difficult to guess. Specialists recommend using tools such as free password managers to keep the passwords if you cannot effortlessly remember them.

Some of the essential aspects of this tool include implementing security scan sessions that assist in scheduling security scans, Magento merchant accounts and providing real-time alerts on configuration problems that can put the website at risk.

Keep a Regular Backup Record

Even if the internet allows you to store all the data and connect it with your clients, it is still not safe. The simple rule is always to have a backup plan. In case if anything goes wrong on your site, you will have a record. Backing up your website makes it very easy to recover the Magento eCommerce store if something unfortunate happens to it, which can lead to a great data loss. You can do it by downloading your website data through an FTP client while backing it up in your account. Using both ways, you will be able to use your phpMyAdmin to transfer all the stored databases.

Get Magento Security Extensions

You can get several extensions for operating your e-commerce store competently. These extensions improve the core functionality of the site and upsurge the security of the site. Conversely, you can check whether to opt for an extension that is dynamically developed using regular updates. Moreover, the extension needs to be available for download using legitimate sources. Therefore, it is better to authenticate the source before you download the extension.

Invest in an Exceptional Magento Hosting Plan

Shared hosting is not a decent option for any e-commerce business. Normally, for Magento startups, Magento hosting is a worthy option. However, if you are spending on shared hosting means that you are negotiating on the Magento security.

Dedicated hosting can also be an apt option, but it might not be sufficient according to your requirements since you will only be restricted to a single server. Moreover, it restricts your resources if there is an abrupt spike in the Magento store. High traffic can cause your website to crash anytime.

On the other hand, if you spend on a managed Magento hosting provider, it can be the best approach. This is because it will guarantee a strong security along with the numerous patches at the server level.

You need to consider that there are dozens of Magento hosting plans promising features that they cannot even deliver, especially if they are providing resources at low prices. Therefore, you need to stay away from all such kinds of plans. Such providers do not have any idea regarding Magento security issues.

What are the Qualities of Incredible Magento Hosting Provider?

High Security

Magento hosting provider should offer complete tools for providing all the essential security features. It needs to protect your online identity and repute by delivering complete security facets, including firewall and Malware scanning. Therefore top Magento hosting provider should help you against the prevention of all kinds of attacks from malicious hackers.

High Availability

The professional team should always be there to resolve the Magento hosting and several other technical issues. In case of any kind of failure takes place, Magento hosting team should always be there to handle all the queries and recover them quickly. In addition to this, Magento hosting company should have an absolute strategy to offer 24/7 availability to the customers.

Responsive Tool

A Magento hosting provider should offer a user-friendly and spontaneous control panel for providing you easy access to manage all your users, service configurations, innovative metrics, and much more! In addition, all admin tools should be accessible in the panel so that you are able to manage all your day-to-day operations efficiently.