Top OJS Hosting Providers in 2021

OJS Hosting is a management system for hosting your journals and, specifically, scholarly articles. It enables you to easily publish and manage journals by using only one platform for developing Public Knowledge Project. This objective of open source software makes it easy to access online journals with scholars and researchers


Moreover, OJS Hosting delivers you and an editorial board with complete control to shift among different suitable policies for your institution. It comprises parameters that include peer-reviews, copyrights, visibility, etc. Here are two of the top OJS Hosting Providers which you definitely need to consider in 2021 for hosting your OJS site:


Navicosoft is among the top OJS hosting providers. It can become your exclusive digital partner for hosting your OJS platform. It provides you with a custom OJS development team and the developers that your portal will have complete access to, especially for online submissions and managing the publications. Your website will be developed using an up-to-date 3.x.x OJS version, which will also include upcoming updates capability to update you with the latest technology. In addition, they are experts at helping you manage large institutions according to their digital hosting requirements.


Navicosoft offers you comprehensive features which include:

Powerful Server

Navicosoft provides Industrial high-standard servers with SSL to keep your data secure.

Dedicated Index

Global Indexing makes sure to provide visibility of contents.


Editors can get hold of publishing using approved journals, especially for a later time.


Editors can get easy access for customization checks along with the evaluation techniques etc.

Email and Comments

They deliver notifications to authors using email and commenting preferences for readers.

Consistent Backups

They offer online and off the server backups on a daily as well as weekly basis.

Pricing and Plans:

Navicosoft provides you with three OJS hosting plans so that you can select the one which is the most suitable one according to your needs. These plans are specially designed to achieve everything which is essentially needed to host your journals.
The pricing plans include the Gold Plan, which is specifically designed for small-scale journal publications and some default templates and access to the system level. In addition, it provides you with a suitable environment for Open Journal Systems hosting. This plan will cost you $365 each year. 

However, if you have advanced OJS hosting requirements, you can move to Platinum Plan, which comprises a custom-designed theme and a dedicated account for Open Journal Systems setup. The best part is that it also provides you with tools to analyze the server records. However, it will cost you $480 per year.


For your advance requirements, you can opt for a diamond plan. It provides you complete access to the MySQL database using secure remote login. In addition to this, it will offer you all the proficient features. This plan will cost you $720 each year.


A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting ranks number two among top OJS hosting providers because it provides web hosting opportunities using different server power and speed levels. Selecting the right Open Journal Systems hosting can be extremely challenging but not if you get comprehensive Sales and Support Team to help you 24/7.


By getting A2 Hosting, you can easily scale up your website performance. However, the scalability also depends on the type of Ojs hosting package that you will pick. The best feature of A2 hosting is its money-back guarantee. Furthermore, it provides you with 100% security with full privacy. Endless security eventually helps in keeping the site safe. It offers you security features, including a reinforced Dual hosting firewall, DDoS attach defense, server hardening, and HackScan defense.


If you are searching for an incomparable Open Journal Systems Hosting provider, then simply don’t opt for a slow provider. Hence, you can pick A2 Hosting for your OJS site since it will help you host on a high performance using the SwiftServer platform. In addition, you can opt for their Turbo Servers, including more than 20X faster page loads in comparison with other Ojs Hosting solutions.



1 Click Setup:

You can set up your OJS software using just one click using in your control panel. It will be a lot easier for you to operate and run your site. You will spontaneously get an email whenever there is the latest OJS version available. The notification n will help you identify it.

High Performance:

You do not have to worry if you pick A2 Hosting since they provide you tremendously fast SwiftServer platform.

User Friendly:

Since the launch in 2003, they have kept a robust focus on loading the account using the finest versions of the famous development software.


Their security system helps prevent you by keeping all your data safe and secure. This is the reason why your security system will include free HackScan Protection for helping you block hacks before they can successfully damage your site.

Pricing and Plans:

You can pick their startup plan if you are opting for some basic features. In addition to this, it includes 1 Website, Free and Easy Website Migration, 100 GB SSD Storage, and Money-Back Guarantee. It will cost you $10.99 per month.

However, if you need little advanced features, you can select Drive Plan or Turbo Boost plan. With their Turbo plans, you get a guaranteed tremendously high speed and performance for investing your hosting plans with a pre-optimized and great user experience.

Turbo Max is the most advanced plan, including Unlimited sites, Unlimited NVMe Storage, Free Automatic Backups, Turbo (Up To 20X Faster), Free & Easy Site Migration, 5X More Resources, and Money-Back Guarantee. It will cost you $25.99 per month.



No doubt comparing the features and every aspect of both the Open Journal Systems hosting providers, Navicosoft ranks number one. They are among the most reliable providers since they have earned customer loyalty and trust over the past ten years. From monitoring your servers to mitigating risk and not forgetting the performance optimization, they have always proved to be one of the top OJS hosting providers in 2021. They provide you with proper help and support 24/7. Hence it should be your ultimate hosting choice since it will help you make an influential online presence.