Turn up to get edu.pk for alma-mater at low PKNIC domain price



The success of any nation depends upon the youth. The more advanced and educated the child, the more progressive the country. Good Educational institutes need digital presence with .edu.pk with economic PKNIC domain price.

PKNIC Domain

For a country to get flourished in the future, proper education is mandatory. For proper training, educational institutes are required. Educational institutes need online presence just the way other organizations need. .edu is extracted from word education and is used explicitly for educational institutes. Every educational institute, either large or small, needs an online presence for the progress. From colleges to schools to academies, every institute is registered under the .edu domain. .edu.pk is reserved for affiliated institutes in Pakistan.

Registration of .edu.pk at low PKNIC domain price:

.edu.pk domain registered in the same manner as other domains provides the availability of almost two years. .edu.pk domain leaving a good impression on the mind of users are used explicitly for schools, colleges, academies, etc.
.edu.pk coming up with low PKNIC domain price cannot be registered for any separate individual or for commercial purposes as it is specially designed for educational institutes.

The principal registrar of .edu.pk domain in Pakistan is PKNIC. Anyone running any educational institute can get this domain through PKNIC after providing complete information.

Eligibility criteria

  • .Edu.pk cannot be used by any international entity as it is specially designed for domestic purposes.
  • Intended for educational purposes cannot be used for any other purpose.
  • Each and every reseller of PKNIC has the authority to sell it.
  • The second-level domain, specially reserved for Pakistan, registered under PKNIC.
  • The .edu.pk domain cannot be registered for any illegal purposes or wrong content.
  • All PKNIC registrars are responsible for registering the .edu.pk domain.

Restrictions over .edu.pk domain:

  • The minimum character allowed will be one, and the maximum characters will be 63.
  • Numeric characters, as well as hyphen characters, are allowed.
  • It cannot be used other than educational purposes.


Some requirements to get .edu.pk needs to be fulfilled to get the registration at low PKNIC domain price

  • Your name
  • Company name
  • Postal code
  • Email address
  • Country code
  • City

Price range

The price range of the .edu.pk domain varies from the time limit. The smallest period for which this domain can be registered is two years, which costs somewhere between two thousand and three thousand.