Types of Web Hosting: Reseller Hosting



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Types of Web Hosting: Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is defined as a type of web hosting with an account owner that can sell hard drive space and bandwidth to third parties for a profit. Basically, as a reseller of hosting: you have an allotted amount of hard drive space and bandwidth, which you can split and sell to others.

Resellers of hosting may rent a dedicated server or they may use a different type of reseller package for their business. Typically, the space is divided into clusters and the account owner will keep one or two of the clusters for their own web hosting. The rest, they will sell to others in the form of shared, VPS or dedicated hosting.

Why Should You Opt for a Reseller Hosting Account?

Sometimes reseller hosting is the right choice and other times, it’s unnecessary. One of the biggest advantages of using reseller hosting is the ability to offset web hosting costs. If you purchase a reseller package and use a portion for your own websites and blogs, you can sell the rest to pay for the total cost. This would give you free web hosting for your own projects.

Of course, the main reason somebody would decide to purchase reseller hosting is to make a profit. This is the easiest way to start your own web hosting company without the high overhead of buying and housing your own servers. Most web hosting companies that offer reseller hosting will allow you to upgrade as you sell your space, which makes your business very scalable.


Advantages of Reseller Hosting

Becoming a reseller of hosting comes with many benefits including:

  • You become the one in control of the web hosting and the features implemented on each package
  • Gives you the ability to package web hosting with other products, such as web design or SEO
  • Provides the opportunity to make a recurring income
  • Builds trust and loyalty with your clients
  • Can be branded to your own company name

Reseller hosting comes with many benefits and you will be the one in control of how the web hosting is used. With the ability to make a profit or at least offset your own hosting costs, you can build your business with this type of web hosting.


Most Common Ways to Use Reseller Hosting to Benefit your Business

Owning a reseller hosting account gives you many options for turning a profit. Some of the most common ways businesses utilize reseller hosting packages include:

  • As a compliment to another service, such as web design
  • As an ongoing revenue stream for website flipper and developers
  • As a way to start a web hosting company with lower overhead

Many web designers and developers will include a certain amount of web hosting free of charge in their packages. Once the free hosting expires, customers have the option to continue for a monthly fee or move the website to a new web hosting account. Most will choose to continue for a monthly fee, if the hosting is good.