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Utilize PKNIC prepaid cards | User guide

Jan 01,2021

Utilize PKNIC prepaid cards | User guide

Utilize prepaid PKNIC cards correctly and register the PK domain name to show your dedication and love to your country. It is best to come up with a unique and creative name for your domain that is short in spelling and easy to pronounce to be easily remembered by others.

User guide for PKNIC card

PKNIC card helps register the PK domain, and it is one of the best domains to select for working locally. PK domain can help to boost small businesses and big enterprises equally in Pakistan. It is also ideal for local citizens. PKNIC card is also used to renew the PK domains. You can also buy pre-eminent pknic pre-paid card at modest price.

Domain price can also be lowered when you buy the domain in bulk. There must be certain things to be kept in mind while choosing the domain with a endurable PKNIC card:

  • The length of the domain name should not be more than 63 characters, not including the .pk portion. Along with the suffix of .pk, it should be having 67 characters.
  • The minimum length of a domain in second-level domains must be four characters other than the.PK portion and for example, you can consider, abc.pk
  • When talking about the third level domain, the minimum domain name of the one character is allowed. It is not permitted for you to register a domain like, com.com.pk
  • The name of any domain cannot start with a dash, not at the beginning, and now with any two consecutive dashes. A person must be be very careful while choosing a suitable domain.
  • Utilize PKNIC prepaid cards as they are simple, manageable, and easy to sue. You need to add your details, a number of cards, submit your order, and make the payments. Your cards will be issued right away.
  • PKNIC prepaid cards can be used for current domains and also the current domains. After placing the order, you will be get informed about its renewal date. You will able to get prepaid codes instantly after that. Bulk cheap PKNIC card facility is another perk that you can enjoy.
  • PK domains can be beneficial for your local business. It can help make a robust local image of your brand; it can also tell the people over the web that it belongs to Pakistan.
  • All good companies will provide you 24/7 customer support related to your PKNIC card queries, so you can also benefit from that any time.

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