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VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server which provides similar services of a dedicated server in the shared environment. VPS Hosting is the best solution for the smooth functioning of your website as compared to the other hosting solutions available in the market which is characterized by aspects of both dedicated and shared hosting.

Difference Between VPS Hosting & Other Web Hosting

VPS server which is almost working as a dedicated server quite optimal when you expecting high traffic & enhance visibility as well for greater customization and increased performance. Following are the most prominent differences between VPS Hosting & other Web Hosting:-

  • VPS Hosting is essential to enhance your business because it offers greater private disk space and higher overall resource availability while with other Web Hosting you will face limitations i.e. you will not exceed server resources beyond the maximum allowed limit.
  • VPS Hosting has better overall performance i.e. bandwidth it provides users & more flexibility to configure your application while with any Web Hosting plan other websites may disturb your website’s performance.
  • VPS Hosting will provide you with better performance and customization options than other Web Hosting but VPS Hosting is much expensive.
  • VPS Hosting needs a special system administrator to focus on maintaining the server i.e. Server Administration is very important in VPS Hosting than other Web Hosting because no technical maintenance of the server is needed on your end.
  • Scalability is very important VPS Hosting allow you to scale more quickly and easily and in the other Web Hosting you might face scalability issues later on.
  • Regarding security of your site VPS is a better option, you may implement better customer support services and the other Web Hosting common server may not guarantee maximum security.

Working of VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting working on the technology like Virtual Box or VMware, this software will offer you to run a virtualized version of the Windows OS on your Mac machine & with these programs, users may run a series of virtualized operating systems on the same single physical server. VPS server may be used to run a number of operating systems. VPS Hosting is much cheaper than dedicated hosting.

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The Most Prominent Benefits of VPS Hosting

  • VPS Hosting provides maximum security because it offers an isolated environment i.e. your site is more secure from viruses and malicious hackers.
  • VPS Hosting is totally customizable because most VPS hosts will offer you to run custom software & apps that is not allowed on a shared hosting.
  • VPS Hosting may grow with your site as your traffic levels and resource needs increase.
  • VPS Hosting is cost-effective & is much cheaper than dedicated hosting

Type of VPS Hosting

There are two most famous types of VPS Hosting i.e. Fully Managed VPS Hosting & Self-Managed VPS Hosting. Here is the brief detail:

  • With Fully Managed VPS Hosting, hosting provider is responsible for all maintenance & managed responsibilities. In this case, if you have any problem at any time they would resolve your problem on an urgent basis.
  • With Self-Managed VPS Hosting the user is responsible for all maintenance & managed responsibilities i.e. it needs technical capabilities and high level of understanding. Usually, this type of VPS Hosting is not recommended.

VPS Hosting is the Better Option

Keeping in view the above-mentioned facts we conclude that VPS Hosting is a great solution & better option for your business rapid growth, flexibility, security and customization. VPS Hosting gives you considerable amounts of resources.

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