Web development trends of 2021 | Innovation is key


Web development trends of 2021 | Innovation is key

With the ever-growing pace of the digital world, everything is getting online. From horoscope websites to educational platforms, everything is operating online now. Moreover, the recent outbreak of COVID-19 has fastened the pace of growth in the tech world. Currently, there are about 1.74 billion websites globally. The interesting fact is that the digital world is still innovating and expected to bring in various new features by 2021. There are some exciting features to be incorporated in web development for a better experience for the visitors. There are some of the web development trends of 2021 that every CTO must know.


Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

Progressive web applications are one of the most talked-about web development trends. PWAs offers advanced features such as operation in offline mode, interactive & responsive websites, and web development services in 2021 will be offering an app-like experience of websites. One such functional example is Google maps.


One-page websites

As the tech-world is innovating, bringing new options to the users, it focuses on simpler solutions. The website development services will be more inclined towards one-page websites, rather complex websites with multiple pages. Digital marketing agencies mainly focus on ease of access, targeting specific audiences, and user-friendly experience of single page websites. Such websites make the best options for startups. Moreover, you may not know that Apple has already been using a single-page website.


Voice Recognition

Voice recognition is not one of the web development trends of 2021, specifically. Voice recognition has already been in the market offered by Microsoft, Mac, and Google as well. If it is so, why voice recognition is mentioned here?
Well, that is a smart question. Voice recognition is going to be revolutionized in 2021, and it would be more accurate than ever. So it would facilitate voice commerce, which means that e-commerce and artificial intelligence will be integrated. So the customers will be able to ask for product features and make purchases through your smart speakers in the future!


Internet of Things

Internet of Things, shortly known as IoT, refers to integrating sensors and software in physical objects such as health bands, devices, bots, and others. There are currently about 7 billion IoT devices, and the number is expected to rise to 22 billion by 2025. Only a web development company can realize the true significance of IoT because this is the future of website development. IoT is expected to skyrocket to about $1.6 trillion by 2022 calls, which calls for new tools and features in website development to collect data from these devices. A digital marketing agency can take advantage of IoT’s smart technology and make IoT-based solutions one of the top web development trends.