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Web Hosting: Same Package, Different Prices

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Web Hosting: Same Package, Different Prices

Like in any other business, the web hosting industry also has a small number of scam artists who want your business at any cost. They believe that they can sell you anything at any. Some of these will give you web hosting prices that are much higher simply because they think that they can convince you to pay more. Others will offer the world for very-little and hope that you will be satisfied with whatever they dish out.

However, a majority of web hosting providers may have genuine reasons for higher / lower web hosting prices. In this article we will determine the significance of the real factors that can affect the price of a web hosting package. Awareness of the same may clear the cloud of confusion generated by huge web hosting price variations

Hosting Support

This is perhaps the single most important factor that determines price. Web hosting companies that provide responsive technical support and are quick in fixing problems have a higher-ratio of well-trained employees to customers. Due to the costs incurred in maintaining a larger number of efficient support personnel, they usually charge more from their customers. Many web hosting providers who do not believe this axiom offer throw-away web hosting prices and generally their businesses do not last long.

Web Hosts' Network

Most web hosting companies put their servers in different datacenters across the world. For a high quality network (with redundant fast connections and reliable back up power) a web hosting provider has to pay more to an advanced datacenter. In turn they charge you more for their web hosting packages to maintain reasonable profit margins.

Web Server power

Another factor is the speed of the machine your website resides on. Web hosting providers who spend less on fast reliable servers charge less from their customers.

Loss Selling

Sometimes web hosting companies sell at a loss to expand their client base and hope to sell other products at a later date to the same customers. For example, some hosts price web hosting packages at lower than base cost and hope to sell services like web design, ecommerce solutions, search engine optimization etc. While there are benefits to attracting customers with unbeatable web hosting prices, it is still a gamble. If the gamble backfires they may not be able to maintain quality of service in the long run.

Over Selling

The supreme gift of a good artist is to know when to stop. Web hosting providers that follow this principle usually restrict the number of domains-per-server to a decent number. This ensures that they can maintain quality of service for their clients by offering sufficient server resources to each. It also means that this host will have to charge more to recover the amount they pay to their datacenter.

Web Hosting Features

Windows, Linux and other server operating systems have different base prices. Features like database support, JSP, scripting languages, SSL support vary from package to package. A web hosting provider who offers more features (in a similar web hosting plan) is likely to have a higher web hosting price.



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