What are CloudLinux license security features | CloudLinux license and Cage FS


CloudLinux license and Cage FS

Cloudlinux license has an amazing security feature and that is Cage FS, that will help you use the virtualized and per-user file system easily but it will restrict the users from seeing and reading each other’s personal and sensitive information.
Cage FS will help in protecting you from many attacks and hackers and will keep your individual activity all safe.
With Cage FS users cannot see the configuration files of each other.
Moreover, users have only access to safe files.

CloudLinux license Providing protection by Cage FS features

Cage FS is an incredible technology that will keep the data of all users safe and to activate and achieve that you need to have the CloudLinux license. By using the Cage FS you can enjoy the following benefits:
• Cage FS will limit the access of each customer to\ proc filesystem
• Cage FS will prevent symbolic link attacks
• Cage FS will let only allow the safe and secure binaries to be available for the users
• It will also restrict the access of its users from all SUID scripts

Most importantly with all this highly secure environment and encrypted system your dealings will stay functional but totally protected from hackers and attackers, while you smoothly run your business, so now you can enjoy your working with best experience with CloudLinux license giving you Cage FS.


Step by step instructions to empower CageFS in cPanel servers

  • CageFS can be introduced in CloudLinux servers with least 7GB free circle space. Contingent upon the quantity of clients and arrangement, the circle use for clients and skeleton registry is resolved.
  • CageFS establishment should be possible with only 2 basic orders. The main order introduces CageFS and second one makes skeleton index of around 7GB.