What are the types of WordPress Hosting| WordPress hosting


Shared Hosting

If you are a beginner then no matter what kind of site or business you are building you will probably need a shared host at first and WordPress is not different. Shared hosting is not only a WordPress hosting but as you a beginner you can use it for any kind of site.
The reason why Shared hosting is so popular for beginners is its affordability. The one more reason is, the offered bundle come with one-click installation which makes it easy to install and use.

If your site is growing then you will probably not stay for shared hosting anymore. But it’s a great way to start and with the help of this you can start and grow your WordPress site.


Managed WordPress Hosting

The next is WordPress managed hosting. With this type of hosting, only WordPress based sites are allowed on the server which allows the server to be well optimized for the WordPress platforms.
Another plus point is, you don’t have to do anything with relates to the server.

The name “managed hosting” means that there is a team of well WordPress experts managing server environments for you along the way.
Managed hosting is more expensive than shared hosting, but the main benefit is you do not have to worry about the technical related tasks because you will be provided with an expert team and your site will perform at very high level.


Dedicated Server Hosting

Lastly you have the option for having dedicated hosting for your WordPress based site outside of shared and managed hosting. With dedicated server, you basically rent out the entire physical server space for your particular website which you can optimize according to your needs anytime you want. You are not going to share space with any other users.

You will be totally free to customize your server from hardware to software to operating system and much more.
Since usage of dedicated hosting services only make sense when you have a huge visitors traffic on your website and you need to store a large amount of data and its backups.
You can also hire a system administrator who will be responsible to maintain, upgrade and troubleshoot your server. Otherwise managed WordPress hosting will be okay to go with.

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