What is a domain authority


What is a domain authority


The domain authority is a criterion that has been designed by an SEO research company called MOZ to evaluate a site’s rank on SERPs  (Search Engine Result Pages). And this evaluation is expressed by the numbers from 1-100. The 100 indicates the top position on SERPs and 1 indicates the lowest. The Domain Authority is completely different from the page authority. In domain Authority, the model looks at the overall performance of many factors to rank a site on a certain score ranging from one to a hundred. But in page authority, the performance of each page is measured so, improve Domain Authority.

Several factors are considered while putting a website on a certain rank of domain authority or the score a website achieves from 1 to 100.



Popularity is seen as one of the most important tools to rank a website on the measurement of domain authority. MOZ rank has been generated for this purpose. The aggregate popularity is looked at according to each page’s quality and the number of websites linking to it.


Your website’s trust is very crucial to make your domain authority better. The content you write begins to build up trustworthiness on others. If the links you get from universities, government departments, media members you begin to build up your trust so quickly. In this way, the MOZtrust formula is applied very effectively. You get your score better.

Content Quality

Quality content is also another tool to improve Domain Authority, so to make it better always write concise, unique and relevant content.


Back Links

The traffic through backlinks is very important. The more backlinks exist, the higher the chances of improving your score as domain authority. Sometimes, it also happens you don’t lose your backlinks but you lose your DA score. What happens is your competitors get more backlinks. This way you lose automatically your DA score.


Internal Links

Internal links are also a key element while writing content, try to link the relevant pages by creating internal links.


Social Media

The performance and presence on social media are also checked by the MOZ Domain Authority table. Although it analyzes many factors to place a website for scoring, the existence and links through social media such as facebook, twitter are key indicators for Domain Authority to bring into account.


Logarithmic Scale

As Domain Authority (score) works on a logarithmic scale, it’s easy for a website to improve its score from 10 to 20 or from 20to 30 rather than 60 to 70 or from 70 to 80.



From the above discussion, it can be concluded, the Domain Authority does not improve in minutes or days, it takes quite a while to improve. Many factors play a role to improve scores on the criteria of Domain Authority developed by MOZ. For further discussion on SEO (search engine optimization) and domain authority improvement please visit our articles page on our site navicosoft.com