What is DNS Hosting? What is DNS management in Hosting?

What is DNS Hosting? What is DNS management in Hosting?


DNS Hosting, from anywhere, for any domain!

With the increasing Denial of service attacks (DDOS), a high-quality DNS Hosting services provider has become necessary for the redundant access of a website. Nothing is worse than the visitors not being able to access a website. Today, many hosting providers come up with DNS Hosting to get people rid of unwanted access failures of any website.

What is DNS hosting?

So it might seem to be ambiguous, what is DNS hosting, and what is DNS management in hosting? Don’t worry as it won’t be vague anymore! DNS stands for domain name system. It is mainly an internet’s telephone book. Just like a telephone number book, DNS acts like a phone book of the internet. It keeps track of the domain names and IP addresses associated with any website.

A computer can only communicate in numbers called IP addresses. These IP addresses are 16 digit numbers, which is very difficult to get remembered by a human brain. So here comes the role of DNS, where IP addresses are assigned to domain names so that when a user types a domain, he will be able to reach the site without remembering or even seeing the long IP addresses.

PKNIC now introduces DNS Hosting!

For every domain, the need for DNS hosting cannot be ignored at all. If there is a website, there must be a domain. Having a domain, no matter for a small website or a big one, demands DNS hosting. PKNIC now introduces DNS hosting both premium DNS and Free DNS at everyone’s disposal. As PKNIC is a .pk domain registrar in Pakistan, it is responsible for the administration of pk domains.

Similarly, the newly introduced feature of DNS hosting by PKNIC comes up with enhanced security and maximum traffic boost. Now choosing a reliable DNS hosting provider is no more confusing because PKNIC is offering DNS hosting along with domain registration and claim of:

  • Worldwide coverage.
  • Advanced DDoS protection
  • Email forwarding
  • DNSSEC Support
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee


Why is reliable DNS hosting required?


To run a business website online, one need not have a single point of failure. DNS hosting allows adding secondary names, eventually giving many points of presence(POP). It is just like storing the backup of data on any external hard drive. So in case of any failure of computer memory vanishes away, the data backup on secondary servers will help restore the data right away.


Speed is another crucial advantage of DNS hosting. A fast DNS hosting provider always ensures that there is less latency between DNS lookup and TTFB. In addition, similar to content delivery networks, DNS hosting providers, including PKNIC, provide multiple presence points. In other words, the more the locations, the more likely a DNS server near to a visitor eventually decreasing the lookup time.


Security enhancement is one of the edges of using DNS hosting. DNS servers are essential for the safety of your connections. DNS security simply protects against internet security threats, including malware, viruses, phishing, ransomware, and botnets. PKNIC DNS management hosting comes with a low-latency and low bandwidth filter to protect users from risky sites.



Updating DNS is pretty easier!

PKNIC introduces the feature of managing DNS inside the client’s portal. Just follow the following simple steps, and make your DNS functional:

  • Login to PKNIC client’s area.
  • Go to account tab -> my Nameservers.
  • Add the new Nameserver set.
  • And update.


PKNIC, a global DNS hosting provider: the bottom line

PKNIC is one of the largest domain registrars and DNS hosting providers providing pk domains to people everywhere. They offer managed DNS hosting with millions of unique features. The features include automated migrations, IP anycast routing, load balancing, POPs, and flexible access. Therefore, one should not wait until the disaster strikes; instead, try PKNIC newly launched DNS hosting feature for additional redundancy and mitigating DDoS attacks.