What is link building?


What is link building?

Simply defining, link building refers to the posting of your own or client’s website link on an independent website.

It is the linking of different websites what is called ‘interconnected web’, an application of the ‘internet’. Explaining more, as without the interconnection of computer networks there is no concept of the ‘internet’, there is no concept of ‘world wide web’ without the interlinking of the websites. This interlinking is done by developing connections with other websites through posting your own website’s link that is called ‘link building’.

There are three ways to reach a website:

1. Use full URL paths
2. Save Bookmarks
3. Links

Now think can you really remember long URLs? Or can you save hundreds of bookmarks and search from them to access your desired website?

Surely, it is not humanly possible.

There comes then: Link Building.

The following questions and answers given might further clear your queries regarding the link building concept.

Do we really need to care about doing link building?

Let us put a question in response to your above question: Do you want significant attention on the web?

If yes, then you need to do link building of your website. Perhaps, without any link building, you would fail to get any attention to worldwide users. Mind it, your website is only a single entity in the 130 trillion pages of Google’s saved indexes.


Got worried with this number?

Don’t worry. Links built up well are used as the main ranking signal in Google’s algorithm. But remember, the ‘well’ in the previous statement.

It is not the number of links that you manage to establish on other websites that will help your website get attention. If you only manage to get a few natural links on quality and relevant websites, your website will definitely boost up in the ranking on a search engine, specifically Google.

Is it really easy to establish links on good websites?

Remember, a quality website won’t let you establish a link of your website on their own website unless they are convinced that your website is relevant and contains good quality content. Although, it becomes a win-win situation for both the websites if link building is done as both will get traffic on their websites but one really needs to present a quality and relevant content on their website to achieve this.

Hence, in order to get a good ranking on search engines, your website definitely needs link building.

Just for your additional knowledge, the link building refers to ‘off-page search engine optimization (SEO)’.


We hope this article has helped you out in getting basic information regarding link building.



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