What is managed WordPress hosting?


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What is managed WordPress hosting? Shortly, it a WordPress specific hosting that facilitates users with a lot of features which makes it easier to use. Managed WordPress hosting makes it easy to managed, secure and also speed up your sites.

Managed WordPress hosting is not a plan but it is just a description of the services you will receive by the hosting companies. However, most of the hosting plans leave customization and manageability responsibility to users but managed WordPress hosting takes some of the responsibility in order to keep your site running more securely and efficiently.
Here we will be figuring out what is managed WordPress hosting and should you use it?

What is managed WordPress hosting?

In the past we have discussed different types of hosting plan available like shared hosting which is the cheapest hosting services, VPS hosting provides you your own private physical server space to customize it.
All the above mentioned hosting plans could be managed or unmanaged also but most of them are being used unmanaged which means once you purchase a package and buy a server space, you become the owner of it and responsible to customize it completely.

Whereas managed WordPress hosting, as it is shown by name that it’s a hosting service in which your host provider is responsible to manage your site and server to make it more secure and good. This means hosts will take care of various tasks, like updating your site and server space amendments. You do not have to worry about any of these issue because you have a host there to take care of all of it.


Pros of managed WordPress hosting

There is no as such decided hosting package you will get in this, but it will vary from host providers to providers. However most of the managed WordPress hosting includes:
• Take care of updates and keep site backups properly
• Take care of site security by scanning your site.
• Configure site in order to meet your needs
• Take care of performance optimization

As we discussing about managed WordPress hosting particularly here, so your host provider will also know the complete inside and out of your website. This would be really helpful if you are new to this field and do not have much idea regarding how to manage and optimize your site.

Cons of managed WordPress hosting

As this all sounds pretty good, but you need to keep in mind that managed WordPress hosting is more expensive than other unmanaged hosting plans. Charges of manages WordPress hosting really depend on the type of company services you using.
The another downside of managed WordPress hosting could be, if you are such an experienced person and want to manage your site by your own then managed WordPress hosting could not be a good option because it takes away manageability opportunity.

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