What is special about managed WordPress hosting?


Group of people having companies with high traffic or the companies looking for high enterprises WordPress hosting. They realize that managed WordPress hosting is not a bad investment at all. As it saves time, man power and also offers good performance as compared to other hosting plans.

There are many large companies using WordPress to host their sites. Plans for managed WordPress hosting typically starts from $25 to onwards (depends on the host you are choosing) for a month but with this price range you will have lot of benefits.

These are the reasons that make managed WordPress hosting so special:


You get good support

The first and probably the most important reason for choosing managed WordPress hosting is its superior support. Normally, managed WordPress hosting providers only deal with the WordPress based site so they do not messed up things.
WordPress itself comes with the good technical support for its users but once you choose managed WordPress hosting, the site server responsibility will go on to the host companies themselves. They are responsible to handle all the queries and they also charge handsome amount for it.


Optimized for good performance

The second and another main reason for choosing managed WordPress hosting is fully-tunes optimized WordPress environment.
Managed WordPress hosting as compared to shared hosting offers you fully optimized WordPress platform with fast speed and lowest uptime.


Data centers for global reach

Besides the performance and speed measurements, managed WordPress hosting offers you the best infrastructure of data centers for global reach.


Automatic backups

It would be really bad if you suddenly get to know that you have lost your all data, right? But you must be prepared for such situations and the solution is having regular backups of WordPress site on daily bases. A quality managed WordPress hosting provide would must include automatic backups but with no extra charges.
This is how managed WordPress managed hosting offers you the best backup plans also so you will not lose your data.


One-click installation

Another reason for choosing managed WordPress hosting is that, it comes up with the one-click installation.
And you can install the plugins and themes of your choice anytime you want and can apply to your site.



Above all the other features, you can’t forget another important factor, security. Typically, with shared WordPress hosting you do not get security features and you yourself is responsible for the security of your site.
Managed WordPress hosting comes up with the managed security features which means, you host provider will be responsible for stopping the spam attacks from your site and for the security of your site through daily checks.