What should be offered in managed WordPress hosting?



WordPress is the most used website builder in the world. It is a free open source platform which can be used by both an experienced developer to develop their website and also the beginners who are just new to this field without any relevant experience. So, it can be used in general web managed WordPress hosting environment as well as specifically designed websites for businesses.

What should be offered in managed WordPress hosting?

Different companies offer different features for managed WordPress hosting plans. Some of the most essential features are mentioned below that tells that what is special about managed WordPress hosting:

Managed WordPress Hosting Environments

One of the great feature for developers and site owners. Staging environment provides you flexible way to test new plugins, themes etc.

Daily automatic backups

Because WordPress is such a popular site builder so host will make sure to automatically create backups of site data in order to make it secure and faster.

Best support

Your managed WordPress hosting comes up with support but will vary from company to company. The more quality host you will go with the more good support you will have in order to maximize the efficiency of your web site.

Automatic setup

This is a feature that allows you to run up a new WordPress site in a seconds. When you need a new site, the complete WordPress install and required database connections will be automatically created. You just have to fill a short form with some admin details on the site.

Automatic manage updates

Automatic updates is considered as one of the most important feature for a while now. Whereas WordPress hosting offers some advance features like it automatically manages the updates and security fixes on daily basis so the site does not go down.
However some companies will even inform before regarding WordPress version updates to make yourself prepare.
In almost all managed WordPress hosting plans, using the latest version of WordPress is enforced and you should also look for the particular feature while shopping for the WordPress hosting plan.

Perfect tuned dashboard

Most of the hosting dashboards are not that user friendly but managed WordPress hosting comes with the perfect tuned dashboard. It provides you all the details like visitors traffic report in the form of statistical chart. Site searching results and all the information in the statistical charts. This also helps you to improve your site performance.

Managed WordPress Hosting Heightened security

We have already discussed some of the security aspect of WordPress hosting like it comes up with the daily check on updates, manually backups and 24/7 support but there is a lot more offer in managed WordPress hosting like strict WordPress policies.
Let’s suppose that popular plugin announces a leak security, still host managers will be able to do a lot without even knowing.
In shortly, when it comes to WordPress related security, WordPress hosting provides the best security so far which helps to run your business efficiently.

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