What to Consider Before Buying a Cheap CloudLinux License


CloudLinux license

If you are wondering about the best cheap CloudLinux license to purchase, then it is time to get in touch with a CloudLinux license provider and ask their best customer representative about it. Good cheap CloudLinux license providing companies, such as Navicosoft, never let their clients down. The most common query they receive is about the value of a cheap CloudLinux license. And if you are wondering about the same question, then let us reveal the answer for you. The answer for the majority of your web building and overseeing needs begins with CloudLinux and a CloudLinux license.

In case we’re talking benefits, there might be beyond any reasonable amount to try and rundown, nonetheless, we will recognize some that might be most gainful to your particular facilitating needs. For example, engineers who computerize standard framework organization procedures will profit by a security highlight like a cheap CloudLinux license as it will secure all the work and exertion that goes into web working from your end.
There are numerous pieces for to consider such as the graphical interface and robotization devices that help disentangle facilitating a site. Everything appears to be extremely perplexing from the start; however, once you put resources into a CloudLinux framework upheld up by a trusted CloudLinux license, every one of the pieces falls together.

Benefits of a Cheap CloudLinux License

Compatibility: One of the major advantages of using a cheap CloudLinux license comes with the compatibility of this operating system with other interface like cPanel. The high compatibility between these two interfaces enables users to access higher services and lower frustrations. It also gives clients the ability to manage their website resources, by giving them faster and free hosting experience. Stability Features: The realization of private virtual space is one of the most important reason/benefit and features of a cheap CloudLinux license.

In the private virtual space, your own bubbles protect your website against the activities of other hosted servers trying to slow or clash your server. With this stability feature, your website will deliver fewer error messages to people trying to access your page, thereby creating higher volume of traffic.
Ease of Conversion: It is quite easy to convert from other operating systems to CloudLinux once you have a cheap CloudLinux license. Converting from RHEL or CentOS does not take time to complete. You can easily buy your cheap CloudLinux license from any ordering platform, such as Navicosoft, and get to enjoy great security updates and patches.

Drawbacks of Having a Cheap CloudLinux License

The negative aspects of having a cheap CloudLinux are rarely mentioned, as most web hosts that use it would rather bypass negative qualities of their OS, and the web hosts that do not use it have no interest in talking about CloudLinux anyway.
There are no hard and fast drawbacks of having a cheap CloudLinux license on paper. But in practical terms, many of its features tend to be misused and can be counted as drawbacks.

Take the case of PHP Selector. CloudLinux allows you to pick the PHP version that you wish to use, be it 5.3 or 7. However, if your web host is not proactive, there are good chances that the default PHP version is still 5.3 on your server, which has reached end of life quite a while back. Now, many users do not bother changing this (or are even unaware of this), and continue using popular scripts such as Drupal, WordPress and others whilst running PHP 5.3. This is definitely a security risk, as even though they may keep their CMS and plugins updated, the PHP version itself is obsolete and may not play well with the latest scripts.


At the end of the day, a cheap CloudLinux license has more advantages than disadvantages. Being a premium product, it is patched and updated regularly, and since it makes the hosts’ lives easier, it is here to stay.
The drawbacks that CloudLinux has have more to do with the manner in which some web hosts use it, and less to do with the operating system in itself. The same OS in the hands of a good web host can become a tool for better hosting management.