How to choose WordPress hosting provider for your business?

WordPress Hosting

WordPress doesn’t have so many requirements and it’s very light and compatible with all the host company’s setup. Thats is why it is important to choose WordPress hosting provider carefully.

The only two main requirements are:
• MySQL version 5.6 or higher
• PHP version 7 or higher

Most of the companies offer quick-install method OR one-click method installation. By using this tool, WordPress hosting installation becomes very simple. You just need to login to you control panel, then select the app and choose WordPress. Then fill some basic information into the site and it will install WordPress for you.
Then all left is for you to find an appropriate theme for your site, its customization and installing the plugins of your choice according to your requirements.

What to look when choose WordPress Hosting provider 

Now it’s time to think and decide what you should look for while choose WordPress hosting provider as there are Different Types of WordPress Hosting

Price Range

This is pretty obvious thing, you will surely look for a host that is in your range and you can afford it. Even when if you have a budget for an expensive host, but this is not necessary at all.

Let’s take an example, suppose you have a small website of just few pages with a little traffic, and that traffic is worth, you might not want to move away from shared host to another hosting type which will cost you more.

People will move their sites only once they have reached the limits of their current hosting package.

Technical compatibility

This is obvious that you host should be able to run WordPress. It does not take much to run WordPress, only technical requirements are PHP 7 AND MYSQL 5.6.
Most of the companies do offer this, but you should must double check you but a hosting package to just make sure so you will face any problem in future.

Control Panel Access

This a must-have feature while you have just started out. Easy to use control panel will make incredibly easy to install WordPress and manage your server.
It will also enable you do different things like add domains to your account, create specific domain name email address and a lot more.
The most commonly used panel is cPanel (hyperlink) but you hosting company might be using something different. Not only control panel access is included in hosting package but it needs to be easy to use.

High Performance

The performance of your host should be really good. Without high performance host, you site will suffer with respect to user experience and search engine rankings.

If you manage your site using managed WordPress host or dedicated WordPress host then you will see the better performance. But is you are just a beginner and have just started out, then shared WordPress host will okay until unless your site traffic increases.

Solid Support Team

The last and final you look for is Solid Support Team staff. Your support team should be strong enough to be by your side if any issues arises.

Look for knowledgeable and helpful staff. Take some time to research on both the support channels and what kind of support do host teams offer and then select a best host provider for a long run.