Why Custom PHP Development Is So Popular in 2021?


Staying remote (Social distancing practices) and operating the business can’t be possible without the websites. Therefore, the number of websites is increasing at lightning speed with the skyrocketed usage of mobile devices. The trend is the same even with the decline of the covid-19. Website building is dependent on the programming languages and their derived frameworks and libraries. Thus, Custom PHP Development is one of those viable platforms in 2021 that are perfect for apps and website development.

Let get to know the PHP briefly.


PHP as a Language 

PHP is known as the server-side programming language, and the full form of PHP is Hypertext Pre Processor. It is an open-source general-purpose programming language for web pages, so it works for all simple and dynamic web applications. PHP is pretty much faster than other scripting languages, and its developed code can be used as citations and referencing hereafter. Also, it is very secure and encrypts data during development.

Custom-built PHP Development draws many lucrative benefits and comfortabilities. PHP is also among the top 5 languages for Website development in 2021. Nonetheless, there are many reasons behind the popularity of this method in 2021 among the development companies and project owners that we will discuss below.

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Why Is Custom PHP Development So Popular in 2021?

Server and Database Friendly 

Being a server-side programming language, PHP serves to create, open, read, write, delete, and close the files and folders existing on the servers. So choosing one from Windows, Linux, or UNIX isn’t a headache. Furthermore, pleasantly, PHP is perfectly compatible with all Apaches and IIS servers. Alongside the server, it is database-amiable too. Thereby, it props up various databases, such as Oracle, SQLite, MySQL, etc.

All these make it convenient and popular for website development.

PHP is the foundation of many famous Web Products 

Worldwide known CMS WordPress has PHP at its core. Until October 2021, approx. 455 million websites are using WordPress, which means this much number of websites are using PHP. Not only WordPress but also Yahoo, Facebook, Wikipedia, Tumblr, etc., are based on PHP. All are working and serving the users splendidly. This ultimately urges new websites and apps to use PHP for development too.

PHP has plenty of derivatives that speed up the development 

PHP has numerous libraries and frameworks, and it can also support different third-party extensions. Laravel, CAKE, ZEND, CODEIGNITER, SYMFONY, YII, Apache, .NET, MySQL, to name a few. So Custom PHP Development can productively get any type of functionality integrated into the website.

Security on the Top 

Also mentioned above, PHP is quite secure, so developers rapidly use it for development. No fear of cyber-attacks, data breaches, etc., because of the encryption. It streamlines the establishment of unbreakable security-proof web products.

To say it bluntly, even if an attack flew in, you can backup and restore the PHP websites without any troubles.

Compatibility with diverse CMS

PHP is compatible with diverse Content Management Systems (CMS) like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, OpenCart. So tailor-made websites living up to customers’ exigencies isn’t hard. Moreover, PHP is capable of dynamic, feature-rich page content generation for all niches like medical, eCommerce, vaping, etc.

Custom PHP Websites need Less Maintenance and Less Budget.

PHP websites have trouble-free management and maintenance, for instance, monitoring codes, version updates, platform updates, bug fixing, etc. it is estimated that PHP websites can come to life on an affordable budget. Also, it costs you less than the other platforms like Java, Asp.Net. Even the hosting prices for PHP are lower than the java hosting or Asp.Net hosting.

Easy to Learn and Access, Simple and Flexible, versatile 

All in all, PHP is pretty easy to learn and master, so you will come across abundant PHP-specialized developers. PHP scripts and codes are easier to write and access. It (PHP code) can smoothly run on any system or platform.

Similarly, versatility is another top merit. Be it the blog website, eCommerce store, e-marketplace, directory pages, dynamic and interactive pages, social networking, PHP can build all.

PHP Websites are preferable for SEO 

It has been witnessed that custom PHP websites work best for SEO. Why?

SEO is essential that build your website worth and accelerate your business revenue. However, good SEO results call for an efficient website as the base.

Thankfully, PHP ensures to fuse easy management, efficiency, and security (a ranking factor for SEO). In addition, it can assist in custom-built landing pages, website structure, meta-tagging, etc., which eventually produces excellent SEO upshots.

Similarly, fast loading is in demand among the users, and not only the users even search engines have added the loading into the ranking factors. The websites with custom PHP development have good response times. That not only build customer loyalty but level up the website SEO rankings.

Now you can imagine that if behind the scenes is custom-made PHP, the end product will be grandiose.

PHP stays Current

PHP being a worldwide popular language, stays up to date to serve the developers better. So PHP has many versions over time. The great part is that each next version has got some favorable features than the previous ones. For instance, the security upgrading, latest versions have stronger firewalls and prevention for the cyber-attacks.

Ecommerce Development

With the customer behavior variations and online shopping, subscription models, etc., eCommerce websites are the gateway. So to make the eCommerce development smooth-running, it offers a wide set of extensions and plugins. Eventually, it assists in simplifying the development practices.

It shortens the Development Time.

Extending the discussion from the above paragraph shrinks the development time frame to a greater extent. It does not matter the website type and model; PHP lets the developers create it pretty faster, saving time. That is why a mass of developers prefer PHP over other languages.

Customer Satisfaction 

Custom PHP development involving a website has an extremely high customer satisfaction rate. Moreover, it paves the way to digital solutions of their choices. For instance, it inserts crest value to a website’s functionality and productivity, from flawless interactivity to secure payment methods.

Extensive Community Support has got your back. 

In case any developer is stuck during the project’s development (s), instant and expert help comes to assist. Moreover, you can get ample resources and tutorials on the internet related to PHP and its sources codes. In some cases, you can even find the sample source codes voluntarily, free of cost or paid.



Custom Development with PHP at the core encompasses all the above-said benefits. These perks are also the reasons that trigger the Custom PHP Development popularity in 2021.

Bear in mind; in the similar fashion of the other IT sectors, expertise is indispensable. So the condition is to hire an expert Custom PHP Developer to guarantee all these benefits workable for you.