Why do people choose WordPress?| Why choose WordPress Hosting for your site?

WordPress Hosting

You ever wanted to start a small side business and hesitated because you knew that you need a WordPress website for it? And missed out customer because you don’t have your business site yet?
So if you are not a tech-man and starting to plan and business and a site for it so it could be time consuming and things can get bit mixed. But this is not as much difficult as it seems, because it’s 2020 and things have become quite easier.

You must need a website if you want to reach public market and now setting up a website is much easier than you may realize, especially when you use WP and WordPress hosting for it.

What exactly is WordPress?

WordPress is basically CMS which stands for Content Management System. It means that it has been basically designed to help you organize, manage and design the content on your site.
Now the question is what is Content? Everything that appears on your site from business name, site logo, blogs to contact details are all considered as site content.

Why choose WordPress Hosting for your site?

Here’s why WordPress hosting is considered as non-techy, easy to optimize and most busy platform to build websites for small businesses also.

WordPress is free

What else you would need than this when you are operating with the small side business. But you keep in mind, you will still have to pay for web hosting to basically change the theme rather than using the free one to give different and unique look to your site. WP is just 5 minutes installation process so a non-techy person can also set up WP sites with the help of its support guides.

WordPress has vast support community

You will amazed to know that thirty percent of the websites are WordPress based and it has almost sixty percent of CMS shares.
This vast ratio of WP users show that you might have question or problem. So there are number of developers, owners and technical support available to answer your queries anytime you ask.

Easy to manage site look

WordPress has hundreds and thousands of free ready to use themes which van be downloaded anytime and can be used for your site. But you need to select theme very carefully because it should be totally relevant to the site purpose. You should be smart enough to choose the right color scheme.


Once you choose a theme, host for your site, then there are thousands of plugins available you can use to make the site work exactly you want it to work. Either you want your site to load faster, or you want to have backup automatically. There are plugins available for every function.


It also facilitates regarding security measurements and help you to keep your site an up-to-date. It helps you to keep unauthorized people and hackers away from your site.
WordPress software updates are automatic, either you want to update your plugin, all you need to do is click on the checkboxes nest to the particular item you want to update and then hit the update button. This is how it works.

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