Why does one need managed WordPress hosting?


WordPress is the most used website builder in the world. It is a free open source platform which can be used by both an experienced developer to develop their website and also the beginners who are just new to this field without any relevant experience. So, it can be used in general web Managed WordPress host environment as well as specifically designed websites for businesses.

Why does one need managed WordPress hosting?

Here is all you need to know about managed WordPress hosting. When do you really need managed hosting for your WordPress based site?

WordPress Hosting

Are you just a WordPress beginner and thinking is you got managed WordPress hosting? By doing some of the research about hosting, you might have probably gone through that managed WordPress hosting costs you more than other hosting options like shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting etc.

Now might have lot of questions regarding managed WordPress hosting like, when do you I need managed WordPress host? Should I invest for managed WordPress hosting? Why managed WordPress hosting is costly than other hosting plans? Is this really beneficial? Are there some disadvantages too, if yes than what are they?
To answer your all these queries, this article will help you out along the way.
In this article we will discussing the pros and cons of managed WordPress hosting and this article will help you in finding out if you should really go for managed WordPress hosting plan.

What is managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is a service where all technical aspects of running your WordPress based sites are managed by the hosts themselves. The main idea behind managed WordPress hosting was, to provide you hassle-free service, so you can focus on your business matters and can do whatever you are good at without worrying for the site services like backups, operating system management etc.

Pros of managed WordPress hosting

Following are the Pros of managed WordPress hosting


Managed WordPress hosting servers are really fast because they specially configured for WordPress. It is fast even when your site gets lot of traffic.


When you go for managed WordPress hosting, you site becomes ultimately secured because hosts manage it so well and make sure that no virus and malware attacks happen.

Excellent support

It also offers you 24/7 support.

Daily backups

Hosts do daily backups and offers you the restore option if you want.

Automatic updates

You do not have to worry about updates at all because they done automatically.

Cons of managed WordPress hosting

Following are the Cons of managed WordPress hosting



Managed WordPress hosting is more expensive as compared to shared hosting, it normally starts from $29 per month.


As we know that server architecture is for WordPress, so you can only run WordPress based sites. Hence this is not an issue because this is what you were looking for. But this could be a problem for larger companies.

Less control

You will not have the control to manage your site and its server because in managed WordPress hosting is completely being managed by the hosts you choose.

When do you need managed WordPress hosting?

If you are just beginner and have created your own blog, then you do not need to go for managed WordPress host, simple WordPress hosting will okay for you since it affordable too.

Now if you have a small business and have a really high traffic then it makes sense to go for manages WordPress hosting because in that case it is beneficial.
If you are just a beginner OR with a lack of technical skills then managed WordPress hosting is a best option for you to go with. Because in this case, it is best if your host company will take responsibility to manage your site throughout the way.

If you are a business owner then you have two options, one is to hire a system admin in order manage your site and second is selecting managed WordPress hosting whereas managed WordPress hosting is far better option.
In the end you have to decide whether you can afford managed WordPress hosting, if no then go for non-managed WordPress hosting plan.