Why I need Mobile App development for eCommerce website


Why I need Mobile App development for eCommerce website


E-commerce may slow down by the end of 2022. However, the industry enjoys the highest trends for now. It is all attributed to the pandemic, which forced the retailers to close down the outlets. It left E-commerce as the last option for brick-and-mortar businesses. Hence, E-commerce underwent rapid growth and fierce competition in no time. There has been a sharp increase of 16.5% in global retail sales via E-commerce. To ace the competition, the best tactic is to focus on the improvement of user experience.


There is much more to mobile app development. Let’s dig in more to why you should focus on mobile app development for your website.

More Customer Reach

Even for your website, you may have been receiving lots of traffic. However, it is notable that 88% of the mobile website users demand an even better user experience with the website’s mobile version. More than 45% of these users would expect your website to load in less than 2 seconds.

The most convincing stat for you to buy Mobile App development for eCommerce is that 78% of the users prefer buying from an application rather than the website. Consequently, you must opt for Mobile application for better customer reach.

Competitive Advantage

In response to COVID-19, most of the retailers have built their online presence, which has increased the eCommerce competition. Amazon is the ultimate standard for an e-commerce website. Suppose, you are not going to make anyway nearer to it. Here, you can only join the race with mobile app development.

Conversion Rates

For your E-commerce business, whatever you do, it must increase your conversion rate. Stats indicate that the consumers are 286% more likely to add products to the cart with a mobile application. Moreover, if you opt for Mobile App development for Ecommerceyou will be having 130% more conversions than with your website alone. 

Cart Abandonment Rates

The main reasons behind cart abandonment include extra costs, account creation, complicated checkout process, no total cost receipt, website crash, and trust issues with credit card info. Besides, Mobile App development for Ecommerce reduces the cart abandonment rates to a greater extent.